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All The Things I Should of Brought to the All- Inclusive

There is always that moment when you are on vacation, and you open your suitcase in disbelief because you completely forgot to pack the most basic items. I continuously bring 7 dinner dresses, yet neglect to pack a brush. Some things are intuitive and others are more of an after thought. Here are all the items I wish I packed before heading to Mexico and the ones I remembered as an added bonus:

A Zip Lock Bag or Small Waterproof Container
For day trips, swimming in the ocean or hanging out by the pool. This is a handy thing to have. Having a water resistant place to put cash, credit cards and room keys will make playing in water a little less stressful. 
This is such a weird item but in Cancun the weather is drastically changing. A small size umbrella won’t take up too much space and will come in handy, if an unexpected rain storm occurs. 
An Inexpensive Watch
When you have a bag that is probably going to be left unattended carrying a cell phone is probably not a good idea. Knowing the time is helpful when you have to coordinate with tours, hotel shuttles or dinner reservations. 
Helpful Travel Apps
I have a travel folder on my iPhone that is the most essential resource to me when I am travelling. I am terrible at money conversion, I get overwhelmed by options on vacation so I try to read reviews and I have no sense of direction. All my favourite travel apps help me survive. 
An Insulated Cup
Buying a cup at your resort is guaranteed to be at least double the price of getting one at Walmart. Packing a cup is the first step to becoming a well-seasoned all-inclusive-er. An insulated cup helps keep the beverage cooler. 
Day Bag or Beach Bag
A bag will get some use, whether or a day trip, or for carrying your sunscreen, towel, room key, and insulated cup around the resort. 

The price of sunscreen in Mexico is completely inflated, so purchasing it from your resort is not the best idea.

Inflatable Pool Toy
This is something I never seem to remember but always regret. Purchase a cheap one for your trip and just resell it to someone before you leave. 

Enjoy resort living! 

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