Be Still My Heart

Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, whatever you are prepping for, I have found the cutest sweaters with heart details.

I didn’t know I desperately needed a Valentine’s Day sweater until I snuck into the mall on my lunch break last week. To be completely honest, I could wear hearts all year round, so I don’t really need Valentine’s Day to justify this purchase; however, it was an added bonus that I snatched this sweater up just before the holiday.

Since Valentine’s Day falls in February, a dreary month in Vancouver, throwing on a cute sweater is the full extent of the amount of effort I want to put into my v-day attire. I am past the age of freezing my butt off to look good.

I put together a few of my favourite heart sweaters, including the one that I purchased. The sweaters I chose are pretty versatile, they look nice with a simple pair of jeans, can be dressed up with black pants or a skirt to wear to work, or to get more of a date night look, worn with leather leggings. I am in love with the heart-shaped poms, an effortlessly cute look.

Shop my favourite looks below:

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