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Back in 2006, I had a brief stint as a cosmetic girl. I have never been very good at makeup. Like most people, I like to look good but with as little effort as possible. I played around a little bit with make-up in high school, but as I got older I learned that simple works. I have more important things to worry about. Over the years I have learnt many very important lessons:

  1. Clean your brushes 
    I take this one very seriously. When I don’t clean my brushes, it shows in my skin. I use a cheap clarifying shampoo and clean my brushes at 
    least once a week. Although when I worked at the beauty counter, we suggested to clean your brushes each time after use. Once a week is a more attainable goal. 
  2. Get a good night cream
    The one thing I learned about wrinkles is that they are preventable ( to some degree of course), but once you have them, you can not get rid of them without the help of a plastic surgeon. I do spend a little more on my skin care products. I put on a night cream every day before bed. 
  3. Get a white/cream eyeliner pencil
    Use the pencil to line in the inner corner and lower rim of your eye, along the lash-line.I use this beauty trick especially when I have had very little sleep. I have darker skin, so I prefer to use a flesh coloured pencil. It will make your eyes look bigger and distract from any dark circles.
  4. Come up with a daily routine
    I don’t have time to fuss around with make-up during the day. I work an office job, so my appearance is not as pertinent as my performance. Everyday I liquid line my eyes, put on mascara, blush and lip gloss. It takes me 5 minutes to do my makeup. Natural is better, my boyfriend actually makes fun of me when I put on eye-shadow and hates my “dressy” make up look. If I want to freshen up my look for drinks after work, I bring a more dramatic lip colour. My faves for summer are lilac or hot pink. In the fall I like a nice merlot colour. 
  5. Find the Right Foundation
    Finding the right foundation goes beyond just colour matching to your skin tone. I tend to have an oily t-zone area, so I use a powder foundation. I usually only wear foundation for pictures or formal events to even out my skin tone. For everyday use, a tinted moisturizer is a better alternative. I tend to go without, I go to the gym everyday after work, so I am going to sweat it off anyways. 
  6. Know Which Features to Play Up & When
    The summer is a wonderful time to go make up free. I usually have a tan, so on the weekends I throw on sunglasses and I am ready to go. I will usually use a nice bright lip gloss so I look like I am somewhat put together. If my hair is up, I tend to play up my eyes. 
  7. Take the Time for a Quality Blow Out
    My hair has been going through a weird stage. It used to be curly, but now it has a few random kinks, but mostly dries straight. I don’t recommend picking up blow drying your hair if you don’t already, but I used to just blast my hair so it wasn’t dripping wet and then finish styling it with heat tools in the morning. My hair looks way better if I take the time to section it off and blow dry it nicely with a round brush. It also makes it way easier to style the next day
  8. Get a Silk Pillow Case
    I have very frizzy hair, so a silk pillow case actually helps me wake up with semi decent hair. I usually only have a touch up a few areas. My grandmother also taught me that sleeping on a silk pillow case prevents wrinkles. This could be an urban myth, but I chose to believe it. An all around win win! I am sure you will notice the difference. 
Ipsy is another good tool, they use an online quiz and send you products they think you will like.When I find a products I like, i tend to stuck with it and not try anything new. Ipsy pushes my comfort zone and allows me to find new favorites. I would highly recommend it if you are like me, and do not tend to experiment. These are the beauty tips I have learned over the years. Would love to learn more, let me know what are the beauty products you can not live without! 

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