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Best Kelowna Eats


Kelowna’s Food scene is constantly evolving. It seems like every time I go back to visit there are more and more hot spots opening up.In Vancouver, there is quite a bit of variety still within a reasonable price point, however in Kelowna is a rarity; most of the creative and more innovative restaurants are fairly expensive. The summers in Kelowna are especially busy, so once all the winery’s open up their restaurants , there are way more options for amazing food. The easiest way to categorize all my recommendations for Kelowna, is by meal, price point and occasion. This list is in no particular order. 

Quick Bites

Mad Mango is by far my favourite place to go for breakfast or lunch while I am in Kelowna. The food is inexpensive and I have never left unsatisfied. I always order the breakfast bagel, the laksa or the beef vermicelli bowl. My boyfriend and I will eat here and her will order two meals and it will still only cost $25 for the both of us.  
This is a good spot for a casual lunch. I always order the Turkey Club Sandwich or the Meatball wrap. If you love sandwiches, this is where you need to go. The food always tastes fresh and I like the atmosphere of the cafe. 
Mustard Tiger is never on my way to anywhere, yet I still go out of my way to make sure that I eat at the food truck every single time I am in Kelowna. I highly recommend the tacos over the burritos. The best best best thing on the menu is the pork belly taco! I am still waiting for someone in Kelowna to do an amazing pork belly breakfast! The breakfast scene in Kelowna is severely lacking.  
This stop, is luckily on my way out of town, so I never feel guilty about stopping by. Their breakfast sandwich with bannock is the perfect way to start my mornings. I also enjoy the buffalo burger, the chili fries, the BLT and any of the sweet bannocks for dessert. The people here are so friendly and happy to serve you. 


Dinner Dates

Dinner dates is a little bit tricky because it depends on how much you want to spend. Waterfront Wines is by far one of  my top picks but it is very pricey. Bouchons is another good choice although it is around the same price point. Another popular Kelowna hotspot is Raudz. These are all good choices if you want to spend a little bit more on your meal. If you want to diverge from the usual suspects here are my recommendations:
I took my boyfriend here for his birthday dinner and he loved it! I told my parents about my positive experience and they were so envious that I ended up taking them for brunch that same weekend. Both of the meals I had there were enjoyable. I ordered the duck, which is weird for a seafood restaurant but it was really good. My boyfriend and my dad both tried the oysters and they enjoyed them as well. The only thing I would not recommend is the muscles. This place is very nicely decorated, it has a good energy, perfect for going for drinks or for an intimate dinner date. 
Bai Thong has become my second home, when I am in Kelowna. My boyfriend is so sick of eating here. He literally asks me if we can go anywhere else, but here, because we have been so many times. Here is what I order every single time, coconut rice, #24 pork, #25 beef and #41B. The Pad Thai with tamarind is my favorite. I find it is hard to find a Pad Thai that doesn’t taste like ketchup. This one is the best, amazing flavors. The owner is the sweetest man, and he always tells me whether or not my meal is a good combination or not. 


Hang Out Spots

Kelowna is very limited in things to do, especially on rainy days. A visit to Tree Brewing Institute is the best rainy day activity. They have board games to play and a small tasting menu. I have had pretty much all of the pizzas, each one just as good as the last. I have no complaints. The beer is always a nice accompaniment. 
Since this place had opened up, I have never seen it empty, it either has a line up or it is littered with people. I go here for the atmosphere, the food is good as well. The beers on tap are only okay, but the cocktail that I look for is the lavender cocktail. It is a little pricey for it’s size, but it is enjoyable nonetheless. 
These are my top picks for Kelowna. If you would like to see my recommendations for Vancouver, check out My Top Choices for Places to Eat in Vancouver

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