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Beware of these Beauty Fads

Beauty trends come and go, I remember when I was obsessed the using Sun-In to lighten my hair and being the first to get my hands on crackle nail polish. As I have grown older, I tend to do more research into the long term effects and the ingredients that are in the products that I love and use on a regular basis. My mom is always sure to let me in on the latest ‘bad for your trend’ that Dr. Oz has decided to uncovered. Here are the top beauty sins that I really wanted to try until I did the proper research. 

Eyelash Extensions

The idea of waking up with gorgeous flawless lashes was very appealing, however they are many conflicting reports. Eye lash extensions are said to thin out lashes, and the materials used to adhere the lashes may in some cases contain harmful ingredients. Eventually with repeated use the eyelashes may even stop growing. A better alternative, is to use products that will encourage the growth of your natural eye lashes. 


I never considered Botox, until I started to notice lines on my forehead. When I worked as a cosmetic girl, we would sell anti-aging products, however we would strongly encourage taking emptive measure. Once you have fine lines, the only way to undo them is with plastic surgery. Some products may cause your skin to swell, to give the illusion of minimizing fine line, but more or less wrinkle reducing products are ineffective. Botox, however effective short term, it is a toxin that temporarily paralyses muscles. Introducing a toxin to your body is obviously not health, and it is said to have some undesirable side effects, including eyelid drooping. 

Excessive Teeth Whitening

I used to be addicted to whitening my teeth, until I noticed how translucent my teeth started to look. Teeth whitening too frequently not only weakens your teeth enamel,  it can cause gum irritation and teeth sensitivity. Although I do whitening occasionally still, I try to be sure to give my teeth a break and instead of constantly whitening, staying away from foods that may stain my teeth (coffee, black tea, red wine, etc.)

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