Budget Friendly Costume Ideas for Halloween

I have a problem, I love to dress up. Theme parties, Halloween, Christmas time, that is my jam. Every ugly sweater party and politically incorrect theme party, I am in full force costume mode. I am not a fan of store bought costumes, I find them so boring and for the most part overpriced. I also like to put my own unique twist on my costume ideas. The beginning of October is the perfect time to start gathering supplies for your Halloween costume. 

Sophia Grace and Rosie

I told my boyfriend if he could think of a costume we would be whatever he wanted to be for Halloween. He was way too lazy to come up with an idea, so he ended up having to dress as a girl. 

Iron on Glitter writing
Pink Tutu
Pink tights


This costume was so easy. I bought the t-shirts from Michael. I got a children’s size for my shirt and an adult men’s size for my boyfriend’s shirt. They had a buy one, get one, so it cost me $4. I couldn’t find the right size letters, so I bought a sheet of glittery iron on paper and traced out the Ellen Show letters. I also bought the crowns and the microphones from the dollar store. The white shoes and pink tights I bought from an Ardene’s outlet for I think cost me $8 dollars all together. 


White body suit (Forever 21 or American Apparel)
Children’s Tutu (Dollarstore)
Ballet flats (Old Navy)

I wanted to be a ballerina, after one year a close friend of mine did it. I tend to only watch comedies, so I was completely unaware it was the same year Black Swan came out. There was quite a few ballerinas that year. My roommate hoped on the band wagon last minute and bought an expensive corset and tutu. She went as the Black Swan and I went as the White Swan…still haven’t seen the film. This popular culture reference could be completely incorrect. 


Chef hat
Wooden spoon
White Dress
Gold or black buttons

I love this costume idea, it is so easy. The chef dress is basically all about the buttons. Sew the buttons on so the dress resembles a chef jacket. If you are extra crafty, add black piping for more detail. The other idea, is to be a baker and dust some flour on your face as well. It is all about the minor details. 

Honorable Mentions

Tom Cruise in Risky Business
Such an easy one, Men’s dress shirt, sock and fake ray bans

Women from 80’s
Any second hand store find, bonus points if there are shoulder pads

Sew a tube dress our of green fabric, or cut the hem of a green tube dress. Buy wings from the dollar store

Sew blue skirt out of green fabric, glue organza to the bottom to make the tail. Get a wig with bright coloured hair and glue shells and jewels onto a flesh coloured body suit.  

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