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    How to Create a Gallery Wall

    I have had my share of adventures. I love to pick up photography or interesting postcards that I can display in my home. I finally invested in a camera other than my iPhone so I decided it was time to start displaying some of my own pictures. A gallery is a nice way to add personality to your home.  Supplies Painters Tape Ikea Picture Frames Photo Prints Command Damage Free Picture Adhesives  I wanted my photos to not only showcase my favorite spots, but also for them to have a cohesive feel. I tried to choose a similar colour palette and organize my pictures in a way that made sense to me.    Once…

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    Make Your Own Terrarium

    The winter time is my peak DIY season. The weather is not nice enough to spend outside and if you live in Vancouver you know that it is constantly raining. We have had an amazing summer, but a couple of weekends ago I finally got to tackle a project I have been dying to work on making my own terrarium.  I am a summer baby so I wanted to my terrariums to remind me of the beach. The dollar store is the best starting off point and the cheapest. I picked out glass beads, pieces of glass, white sand and sea glass.  Supplies – Pick a glass vessel, I got…

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    DIY Painted Lamp

    Finally given the free time to explore my creative nature I went to the Bible mission with my mom. To my pleasant surprise I came across this very rare gem, a brass lamp. I decided that would be my first post school project. I got the materials, sand paper, spray paint, a primer and painting tape and got to work. This project was perfect for a spring day.  Step 1 – I washed and sanded down the area that I wanted spray painted Step 2 – I taped up all the areas I did not want to have spray paint on, I went outside and laid out some newspaper Step…