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    Ugly Sweater Season! The Sweaters You Shouldn’t Live Without

    It is officially Christmas time, you know what that means? Ugly Sweater season! Okay, maybe that is not exactly what comes to mind, but Ugly Sweater Parties are what comes to mind, when I think of Christmas events. Hipsters have taken over the ugly sweater market, and it is no longer possible to score any gems at the local Salvation Army. I have spotted a few beauties around town. I wish I had multiple ugly sweater parties so I could wear them all..  Walmart has surprisingly embraced the ugly sweater, I am amazed at how many different styles and patterns they are offering for the Christmas season.  My own personal…

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    Must-Have Athletic Wear That is NOT from Lululemon

    Every time I go to the gym I can tell when Lulu has released a new tank top because every girl there is wearing it. I can’t deny that I do enjoy Lululemon but there are other athletic brands that go overlooked because of the saturated Lululemon market in Vancouver. There are a few brands that I have discovered and dare I say, I prefer their products over the beloved Lululemon.  Victoria Secret Sports Bras I have tried all of Lululemons bras on and I hate them. I have also tried majority of Nike sports bras on and they are just as terrible. I have some part of my boob region that ends up popping…

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    Commuter Bags

    Photo by Geoffrey Arduini I used to drive to work, which meant I used my car as a dumping ground. I could tote around, my morning smoothie, my lunch, my gym clothes, a yoga mat if necessary and at least two water bottles and three re-usable grocery bags. I would basically carry around my life in my vehicle. It was a nice luxury to be prepared for most situations.   Now that I transit to work, it has really shifted the way I have to plan my day. I don’t want to be lugging my life around, so I need a bag that is able to accommodate all my daily requirements without weighing a…

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    Must Have Fall Favorites

      Fall 2015 by jaemiesures featuring a pink top   The leaves are changing colour and it is time to start order hot beverages again. I have put away my flip flops and exchanged them for loafers and boots. With the changing season, comes changing trends. I love fall colours, burgundy, olive, charcoal, pewter, okay half of these are grey, but I am really into monochromatic colours for the fall. There are a few trends that I am more than ready to embrace for the fall season.   Culottes  I was on the fence about this trend when it was huge in the spring, but I have warmed up to it. Culottes are effortlessly fashionable.…

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    Reppin’ the One- Piece

    My Okanagan heart lives for the beach. I love water-sports, kayaking, paddle-boarding, you name it. There is nothing better than being out on the water on a hot summer day. Being a fairly busty and curvaceous girl, swimsuits have always been a struggle for me. I usually have to buy separates, and search for bathing suits that come in bra sizes. This summer one-pieces were in full force. These are not your grandmother’s bathing suits; cut-outs, plunging necklines, loud patterns, this is a trend that I can totally get into. One-pieces allow the right amount of coverage for me. Perfect for a water expedition, and comfortable to walk around in with a pair of shorts. The only downfall, trying…

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    Simplifying Getting Ready for Your 9 – 5

      Spring and Summer 9 – 5 Outfits by jaemiesures featuring a spring outfit Mornings are not my thing. Somehow on the weekends I wake up bright and early, but during the week I am constantly pressing snooze on my alarm. I am rushing to throw together my lunch, do my make up, get dressed and get out the door.   I used to thrive off getting a new outfit. I felt as though I should show up to work in different clothes otherwise people would think I had none. I realized that no one pays that much attention to what I wear. Lets face it, I am not Kim…

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    What to Wear to a Music Festival

      Music Festivals are an opportunity to wear clothes that you would never dream of wearing in your regular everyday life. There is also a 50/50 chance you won’t return home with this item and a 80 percent chance it will be ruined or covered in dirt. Yup, festival life is not for the faint of heart.  Fashion Essentials I love music and I love bohemian fashion, so festivals are basically my playground. Last year, flower crowns were all the rage but this year is all about flash tattoos! Every girl and the occasional guy will be covered in these at music festivals. You  don’t have to get the flash tattoo brand, Aldo,…

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    Festival Survival Guide

      I went to my share of music festivals last summer. I do enjoy them but they are a lot of work, especially if you are going to commit and camp out for the weekend. The best way to ensure that you have the best time possible is to be prepared.    Festival Packing List   – Sunscreen, the last thing you want is a lobster tan in all of your festival photos – A good sun hat, I am serious about this heat, A whole weekend in the sun needs protection – Baby wipes, you will be so so dirty. In my experience the line ups for the shower…