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    Things to Do in Whidbey Island

    Emma Rae and I were searching for a destination that we could visit for a girls getaway weekend. We had waited until the last minute, which really narrowed down the list of prospective locations. Especially during the peak summer months. I am not much of a camper, so we relied on the availability of Airbnbs. We randomly decided to choose a lesser-known destination. Whidbey Island is roughly a two and half hour drive outside of Vancouver, BC, and it is located just north of Seattle. The Island has a vibe that is very similar to Salt Spring Island, with lots of small boutiques, independent cafes, farmers markets, breweries, and distilleries.…

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    Travel Guide for Honolulu

    Hawaii has been filling up my Instagram feed for the last few months. The amazing wildlife, clear blue water and lush mountain ranges, all spoke to me. We finally decided to book a trip in February and I immediately started reading articles and blog posts to find the best spots to visit. Hawaii is unlike any tropical destination that I have ever been to, mainly because it is American. You can get all your creature comforts, Costco, Walmart, Sephora, Urban Outfitters, basically every major retailer you would need. The one thing that makes Hawaii different is the ABC Stores, which are essentially 7-11s with souvenirs thrown into the mix. What…

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    Welcome to Portlandia

    Portland is near and dear to my heart for a few reasons, no sales tax, food trucks everywhere and they love to re-purpose old buildings. I have a love for vaulted ceilings and exposed brick. Portland fits right into all my basic requirements of a good getaway spot.  DO try to hit up as many happy hours as possible. Happy hour is so cheap in Portland, there is even a app that will show you all the Happy hour specials in the city. Why not eat like a senior and pay less for your meals on your vacation. There are so many good places. Once of my favorite happy hours was from Saucebox.…

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    Settling into Seattle

    Seattle used to be a routine trip when I lived in Kelowna. My parents would drive us down at least once a year and we would go to all the outlets and shop until we dropped. It wasn’t until I moved to Vancouver that I actually started to visit Seattle as a tourist and not strictly as a consumer. Seattle has become one of my favorite spots to visit for a weekend getaway. I do enjoy hitting all the tourist attractions, but Seattle also caters to Instagram enthusiasts, as well as craft beer and coffee lovers.  Pike Place I will just get this knocked off the list. The Pike Place market is an iconic tourist…