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    Outdoor Fitness Classes in Vancouver

    Photo Credit I have finally started to regain my work-life balance, which includes trying to get back into the routine of going to the gym on a regular basis. In the summer, although it is nice to be in an air conditioned gym, it is also lovely to be in the sunshine. If you want to leak sweat or just have a light stretch there is an outdoor class available.  Liquid Yoga What is better than SUP Yoga? Liquid yoga, because it is in a pool the temperature of bath water! Falling in is quite enjoyable and you don’t have the waves to contend with. Balancing is still quite challenging…

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    Fun Date Ideas in Vancouver

    Last night I did a search for date ideas in Vancouver and I was fairly disappointed, all the lists consists of the usual suspects, the Aquarium, going for a walk around the seawall or going to a comedy club, not exactly an incredibly localized list, so I decided to compile some of my favourite spots and date ideas.    Eating Out A dinner date doesn’t have to be boring, I usually like to go ethnic with my meal choices for a unique dining experience.  Afghan Horseman Sit on the floor, order a platter and enjoy belly dancing on Friday nights at Afghan Horseman. Just be sure to wear some cute…

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    My Summer Bucket List

    I have been sitting, waiting,wishing for summer to come. Unfortunately It is hard to believe that it is already here with the bi-polar weather in Vancouver. If anything it has forced me to seize the nice days for adventures and reserve the rainy days for the activities that I can easily enjoy all-year-round. British Columbia is so beautiful and yet I have just begun exploring all it has to offer. Each year I add more and more things on to my to do list in B.C. Get Out on the Open Water In the Okanagan boating is something that you do after work in the summer. In Vancouver, it is…

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    2015 – Top Choices for Places to Eat in Vancouver

    If I tell you something is good, I mean it. There are so many places to eat at in Vancouver, it is to difficult to chose. I have this theory that every restaurant has one signature dish that they do really well. When I go out to eat, I am usually in search of this dish. I find a lot of places in Vancouver are all hype, and it is the most disappointing experience to wait in line for a meal and it ends up not being worth it. These are the top restaurants I have eaten at in 2015 and my favorite dishes from them.  Brunch | Breakfast Chambar Restaurant  568 Beatty St, Vancouver BC I love…

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    Christmas in Vancouver

      I adore the Christmas season. I look forward to the hot chocolate and baileys, festive lights and gingerbread house construction. Every year I try to attend as many Christmas events as possible. It is hard to get into the Christmas spirit in Vancouver because there is rarely any snow unless you venture to the mountains. The decorations make up for the lack of white sprinkling around town.   Canyon Lights Capilano Suspension Bridge, the imaged I posted above, is a magical place.The twinkle lights on the Capilano Suspension Bridge are one of the highlights of my holiday season. On a clear night it is the perfect attraction.For some reason…

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    Relaxing Weekend Getaways in BC

    Vancouver gets to me every now and again, people everywhere I go, the hustle and bustle. It is nice to escape the city and have a sporadic weekend getaway. I always return home feeling completely recharged. I used to think I enjoyed camping, but as I got older I realized how much work it truly is. My ideal weekend is spent relaxing poolside, and if there is hiking near by, than that is an added bonus. Sparkling Hill Resort When I was living in Kelowna I thought that Sparkling Hill Resort was so close, so I had to make sure I visited it. It is a very interesting resort. The…

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    Rainy Day in Vancouver – What to do

    Vancouver doesn’t usually get snow in the winter, but they do get lots and lots of rain. The sunny days make up for all the grey and gloomy weather, because Vancouver is so naturally beautiful. I am an outdoorsy person, so this is when I struggle. I want to be outside but my options of outdoor activities in the rain are pretty slim. We have had winters in Vancouver where it doesn’t even get cold enough in the mountains to go snowboarding or skiing. I was less than thrilled when I heard that it is supposed to be rainy all weekend. I was loving hot summer weather Vancouver has been…

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    Instagram Worthy Pit Stops – Between Vancouver and Kelowna

    I have strong ties to Kelowna, so I go back and forth quite frequently. If  I am not in a rush, I like to stop midway through the drive and go for a walk. There are two beautiful stops just right off the highway, that are worth a peak. Bridal Falls Bridal Falls is east of Chilliwack, it is a short drive off the highway. To get to the falls it is a very easy walk, I won’t even call it a hike. It takes about 10 – 15 minutes. It is definitely worth seeing.      Othello Tunnels The Othello Tunnels are located just after Hope. The walk is a bit…

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    Hiking Spots in Greater Vancouver

    Vancouver has stolen my heart with all the amazing hiking spots.There is so much to see only an hour or so away from Vancouver, and the best part is it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere. If you are a hiking enthusiast, I highly recommend you check out these spots in Vancouver.  Garibaldi Provincial Park Time of Year: Summer Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 9 km each way Location: Just off the Sea to Sky Highway in Squamish before a bridge   Glacier lake, need I say more. It is worth the hike. I would try to go in the summer so you can swim in the water. It…