A tour from North to South of Vietnam

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    I Lost it in Nam

    I can’t believe I have waited this long to write about Vietnam. It was truly the most enjoyable stop on our South East Asia trip. The people were so nice and so friendly. The food was amazing and the country has so much history. I cannot wait to go back.  Transportation Vietnam is has a few main hubs that you can fly to, but for the most part, if you are wanting to go to smaller cities your best bet is the train or the bus. The main airports in Vietnam, and if you plan ahead travelling by plane can save a lot of time and money. We flew into…

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    Things You Can Only Get Away With in South East Asia

      Reverting back to business as usual was tough after come back from South East Asia. I was happy I was home but Asia still seems to be calling my name. There are so many things that seem to be only acceptable in South East Asia. I know it is hard to compare a third world country to our society, and I have not right to complain but there has been an adjustment period.  Getting Less for More I was really starting to miss meal preparation while I was gone. I just wanted to prepare my own food and have it taste the way I was familiar with it tasting. I have…

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    10 Thing to Know About South East Asia

      1. If you think a vehicle is at full capacity, there will be atleast five more passengers shoved in.   2. The price more likely than not half the price they say it is. This goes for bus fares, cab rides and anything you are thinking of buying at the night market.   3. Ask at least three people for information because each one of them will have a different answer. This is essential when asking about transportation, the first person you ask may say its impossible but you will find someone who will eventually help you figure it out.   4. Somehow you will always get there. You…