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Commuter Bags

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I used to drive to work, which meant I used my car as a dumping ground. I could tote around, my morning smoothie, my lunch, my gym clothes, a yoga mat if necessary and at least two water bottles and three re-usable grocery bags. I would basically carry around my life in my vehicle. It was a nice luxury to be prepared for most situations.


Now that I transit to work, it has really shifted the way I have to plan my day. I don’t want to be lugging my life around, so I need a bag that is able to accommodate all my daily requirements without weighing a tonne. 
Commuter Bags



My Options:


Backpacks have been a hot item for the last few seasons.I like the idea of a backpack, especially because there are so many fashionable options. However, it is a little bit limited space wise, I can fit my gym clothes in the bag and my lunch and day-timer; the bag does not leave enough room for sneakers and a water bottle. If you aren’t planning on carrying around sneakers, this is a nice professional option as a commuter bag.  
Bucket Purse

Bucket purses are basically designed as a professional bag. They are structure to fit notebooks, laptops or day-planners. I like this option because it is spacious, but I can still look put together. The main downfall is that most of them are open concept (they don’t have a zipper), so anyone can look into your bag. I like a little more privacy. This purse would only accommodates a few extra items. It can not triple as a lunch and gym bag. 
Cross-body Bag

When I was in university I had a cross-body bag. I actually got compliments on it all the time even though it is a men’s bag. I pulled it out of storage and it still is as good as new. It is distressed leather, so it never looked new. This bag actually is more spacious than I expected. I can put my shoes, my gym clothes, and my lunch in this bag. I can also put a small purse so I don’t have to carry my whole bag around all day. Seems like the winner to me. 


Majority of Vancouverites are commute on public transit. It takes a little bit of time to develop a routine. Finding the perfect bag helped me start to build a routine around my new position. All the more experienced commuters, I would love to hear about your satchel of choice. 

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