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Creating a More Productive Day

I have always found that tend to get things done faster than my peers. In school I would not spend as much time on projects as my classmates did and in the workplace I complete all of my tasks and then search for new tasks to do. My work is not always perfect, I do have to go back and double check, I have those moments where I know what I wrote in my head, but in reality I may have used the wrong word, or made a blatant grammatical error. I pride myself on efficiency and productivity, over the years these are tips that I have learned that help make my days run smoother. 

Finish the task you dread the most first

I always complete the task that I am trying to avoid first thing in the morning. I am usually my freshest then, and usually if I am avoiding it, it is because it is a tedious one. It is always nice to get it out of the way, so I can have the rest of my day to complete the tasks I enjoy.

Verbalize deadlines and set expectations

Some people work well with deadlines and some people will do everything they can to ensure that they don’t meet them. Set expectations for people in order for them to succeed. For example, if I am writing an e-mail, I specify that I need a response by Wednesday, when my actual due date is Friday. This way if the person meets my deadline than I am ahead of schedule, but there will always be that person that will need that extra day or two to get you everything you need. Always anticipate that. 

Structure your e-mails wisely for better communication

I hate going back and forth. I like to outline everything in my e-mail and make sure that I am clear and concise. In order for nothing to get missed, when I ask questions I number them. There is less margin of error. When people read numbered lists, they tend to read everything and want to answer accordingly. 

Take note of how long different tasks take, and play to your strengths

I have been in a role where I have assigned tasks and the recipient of the task cannot complete it in a timely manner. I usually give the individual a few tries and if they don’t get a hang of it then I will re-assign it to someone else who may be better suited. 

I think in every work place environment and even your home life, it is important to know your strengths. Think of the things that are an effective use of your time and the task that can be easily outsourced. Another example of this is selling items on Craigslist or online. I absolutely hate doing this, I have had friends who have had to do viewings after viewings for free items. This is a total waste of time. My time is too valuable, if I want to get rid of something I take the loss and pay for someone to consign it or I donate it. End of story. Do not sell your $5 tank top on that shop and swap group on Facebook, its simple economics, the opportunity cost is hours of your time, and the benefit is a measly $5.  

I am a huge advocate for working smarter not harder. If I can do an excellent job and cut down on the amount of time I spent doing it, it is a win win for me and my employer. 

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