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Current Obsession: Adult Colouring Books

Every time I am at a restaurant with children colouring sheets, I insist that I get one. Rainy days seem incomplete without tea and a colouring session with my girl friends. I have noticed in the last few months that adult colouring books has become a huge trend. There are quite a few detail oriented colouring books that have entered the market; colouring books for all different skill levels and different images that cater to various interests. 

If you haven’t noticed I am huge advocate for colouring. As a child, colouring is beneficial to stimulate imagination and fine tunes motor skills. Like most skills in order to maintain them, you must continue to use them. Colouring is a good way to do this. It is also supposed to promote relaxation and meditation. 

They are so many high tech ways to exercise your brain. My brother and sister have purchased numerous brain exercising software for my mother, but she never remembers how to use it. Maintaining mental health doesn’t have to be complicated. The original tools we use are just as successful. Revisiting puzzles or colouring, are a throwback to our elementary days. They still train your brain to focus and think abstractly. When people are only focused on one task, they tend to feel more relaxed. It is also an excellent form of stress release. Allowing yourself to let go can in turn relieves anxiety and lowers blood pressure. 

Adult colouring books designs are nothing like the Disney Colouring book I had when I was seven, the illustrations have intricate small details and are works of art.. Indigo has a huge collection of colouring books. I have also chooses a few my favorites below. 

Adult Colouring Books

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