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DIY: All Natural Teeth Whitening

After being enticed into a health food store by a sample of healthy Mango ice cream, a delicious mixture of grass-fed butter, mangos and ice, I decided to explore the latest health crazes. I had recently hopped on the bulletproof coffee fad, and actively charcoal was the most recent trend I had heard of. Early in the day I watched a video on ice cream made using active charcoal, and coincidentally the gentleman at the store mentioned that he was adding charcoal ice cream to his regular rotation. My experience with charcoal is pretty limited. I have tried a clay/charcoal face cleanser which did nothing but make a mess of my bathroom. Ads for expensive charcoal teeth whitening had started to show up on my Facebook page, and I wanted to try it for myself, without the expensive price tag. 

The man at the store instructed me that that charcoal is perfect for daily use and can easily be added to water to helps remove toxins. He said it is impossible to overdose on charcoal because it is used for drug overdoses. Although I have heard that it is used in hospitals for drug overdoses, I do think that having a large quantity in your system would not be healthy, especially if it flushes everything out….research to follow… Anyways, I decided to ease into active charcoal, and use it to whiten my teeth. 

The instructions I read on the internet stated that you should use two tablets of charcoal and mix it with water until it forms a paste. Since I have the powder not the tablets, I sprinkled enough to coat my teeth and then used a cotton swab to mix it with water. I have also heard of other recipes that use coconut oil instead of water. 

I read that charcoal is very abrasive and can remove the enamel on your teeth, so instead of using my electric toothbrush to brush it in I used the cotton swab and gently covered the surface of my teeth. Once I had full coverage, I left it on for 3 minutes. 

Once the 3 minutes was up, I rinsed out my mouth with water, then used my electric toothbrush to get rid of us much residue as possible. 

Full disclosure: My left front tooth is an implant, so it usually does not change colour.
This is my results after on application. I may have to test out the method more than once, and play with the duration of time I leave the paste on for a true indication of the results. After one application, I wouldn’t say there is a noticeable difference. My teeth do seem shiny and very smooth, and I definitely think this is a better alternative than traditional teeth whitening. After I use crest white stripes, I tend to get white dots on my teeth. I also made my boyfriend try the treatment and his teeth are more stained than mine, but I would say the once application, adjusted the shade of this teeth, at most, one shade lighter. 
Have you tried active charcoal to whiten your teeth? What are your thoughts? Any recommendations to getting better results? Leave me a comment in the section below. 

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  • Marco

    I have to admit that when I saw that black charcoal mix on your teeth, I was frightened. I was concerned about staining or it just making things worse. When you rinsed off the mix, your teeth actually did look better. I might gove this a try since it looks so simple. Thanks for the review!

  • Jaemie Sures

    I tried it with coconut oil as the base instead of water and it worked way better. My only complaint was that it took a while to get the charcoal out from all the nooks and crannies of my teeth!

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