DIY Painted Lamp

Finally given the free time to explore my creative nature I went to the Bible mission with my mom. To my pleasant surprise I came across this very rare gem, a brass lamp. I decided that would b
e my first post school project. I got the materials, sand paper, spray paint, a primer and painting tape and got to work. This project was perfect for a spring day. 

Step 1 – I washed and sanded down the area that I wanted spray painted
Step 2 – I taped up all the areas I did not want to have spray paint on, I went outside and laid out some newspaper
Step 3 – I sprayed the lamp with primer then waited for it to dry
Step 4- I sprayed the lamp with white spray paint, I put on two coats just to ensure I had the most coverage possible
Step 5 – Waited for the lamp to dry then removed all the tape.
Presto, such an easy project and it turned out great!

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