My Secret to Long Lashes

My Eyelash Journey

I was headed off on a few beach vacations last winter. My girlfriends and I decided to get lash extensions so we could have effortless lashes on our trip. I was only planning to have them while I was on vacation but I became obsessed. I hate doing my makeup, so waking up and having my lashes look so flawless was such a treat.

It is definitely a tradeoff because they were also irritating my eyes, I had trouble sleeping with them and I would find loose eyelashes on my pillow and in my bed. When I finally broke up with eyelash extensions, I felt so naked, my eyes didn’t look as dramatic as they did with eyelash extensions and I had a few bald spots.

The Solution

The road to recovery was not an easy one, especially because I was so used to full thick lashes. I trialled a few different eyelash growth products, but not all of them delivered the results I was hoping for. I have finally found a routine and few products that work for me. They are a little bit pricey but quite a bit cheaper than maintaining eyelash extensions.

The first product I used is GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum. It works wonders! The serum contains vitamins, amino acids (L-Proline), Hyaluronic Acid ( for hydrating skin), and glycosaminoglycans (complex proteins for restoration). Within the first month of using it, my lashes started to fill back in and people were continuously asking me if my eyelashes were fake. It is super easy to use, I just apply it to my lash line every night before bed.

Finding the right mascara was also a struggle for me. After having lash extensions, I was underwhelmed with the results of most mascaras. I tried a few “lash growth” mascaras and didn’t notice a difference at all. It was sent Milk Kush Mascara through an Influencer program and I was hooked! It is definitelyย the most effective one I used.ย It contains cannabis oil, which made a huge difference in my lashes grow. I don’t find the formula drying like some of the others I tried, and it still delivered the lush look I was missing after not having eyelash extensions.

Before and After

To be completely honest, I still prefer the look of eyelash extensions because I hate the look of mascara especially when it is clumpy. Thick “natural” looking lashes definitely trump bold mascara-coated lashes. However, I didn’t like that I was putting so much stress on my natural lashes and it is quite time consuming to maintain them.

ย The top imageย is my natural lashes without mascara on before I got eyelash extensions. The bottom image is my lashes with extensions on them.

The top image is my lashes without mascara after using GrandeLashMD for three months. The bottom image is my lashes with Milk Kush Mascara on at the same time period.

If I could only use one product a day, it would be mascara so figuring out how to get the look I want without damaging my lashes was really important to me.

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