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Festival Survival Guide


I went to my share of music festivals last summer. I do enjoy them but they are a lot of work, especially if you are going to commit and camp out for the weekend. The best way to ensure that you have the best time possible is to be prepared. 

Festival Packing List

– Sunscreen, the last thing you want is a lobster tan in all of your festival photos
– A good sun hat, I am serious about this heat, A whole weekend in the sun needs protection

– Baby wipes, you will be so so dirty. In my experience the line ups for the shower always take forever and this will be a lifesaver

– Ear Plugs, to combat that drum n bass music that your neighbor will most likely play all night

– Drinking water, it is easy to pack a cooler full of booze but recovery is also key

– Flower crown or head jewelry, I thought I hated this trend but once you are there you will want to get your hippie on

– Battery pack for your cell phone, every music festival all the restaurants are full of people taking over the power outlets. It is nice to have a back up

– Basic first aid kit, you never know what can happen after a few drinks

– Swimsuit, even if you are not close to a body of water at some point you will need it

– Hard copies of the festival schedule and map. I know everyone is trying to go paper free but if your cell phone dies, which it will, this way you are prepared.
– Basic snacks: granola bars, bananas, juice boxes, chips, anything to tie you over first thing in the morning
 – A compact mirror, you can’t always count on your friends to tell you that you look ratchet
– Deck of cards, the best way to make friends is to have a little entertainment 
– Speakers to listen to music

– Check out my post on Festival Fashion for inspiration on what to pack! 
I also find it pays off to not stay on the festival grounds. It is usually more economical and the facilities are usually better equipped. Campgrounds have the facilities to cater to mass amounts of people. Airbnb is also a viable option, but it must be booked far in advance. I hit four music festivals last summer and I think I may have to take a breather this year. Heading back to work on a Monday after a music festival is torture. 

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