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Five Basic Bitch Habits That are Completely Logical

My girlfriends and I have this on-going joke about being basic. We love to brunch, get our nails done, talk about how hot Ryan Gossling is and constantly tag each other in +Fuckjerry Instagram memes. We can’t take ourselves seriously when we exhibit so many “basic bitch” attributes. Although we do have our boundaries, none of us were excited for fall season because the PSL was back. I hate myself for even knowing that abbreviation. 

I continuously stop myself from becoming that girl,but there are a few habits that I have picked up that I am not so mad about. To reduce my self hate, I want to justify a few of my “basic” tendencies, because lets face it, basic bitches may know a thing or two about a thing or two. 

Drinking Coffee From a Straw

I am sure you have cringed when you saw a girl at Starbucks put a straw into the opening of her coffee lid, but there is logical reasoning behind it. Drinking coffee from a straw is supposed to reduce staining your teeth. Coffee is a major culprit when it come to staining your pearly whites. It is a good idea to take your own preventative measures.

Scheduling Regular Manicures

Every two to three weeks I meet up with a girlfriend and we get shellac manicures. We sometimes grab a coffee before or browse through some shops  after, we joke that it is our “basic bitch” day”. 
Looking put together is something that becomes more important when you enter the career market. Many job recruiters actually look at a person’s finger nails as a reflection of attention to detail and cleanliness. 
Not only do regular manicures keep your nails looking fierce, there is actually long term benefits. The aesthetician removes all your dead skin, exfoliates and professionally cleans your nails. It is very relaxing and therapeutic, a good way to unwind. Investing a little money in taking care of myself is actually not that basic. 
For the record we never get fake nails or nail art…don’t want to get to the degree of basic. 

Loving Forever 21

Forever 21 has everything I want in life for under $20. Anytime I need a last minute dress for a wedding or an accessory to dress up an outfit I head to Forever 21. The prices are so reasonable, and sometimes I know if it is a wedding or an event that will have lots of photographs, I am less likely to repeat the outfit. Forever 21 is perfect for one time wear. I do try to be eco, if I know I am not going to wear a dress again I will donate it and not leave it sitting in my closet. Another good alternative is doing a clothing swap with friends. 

Unnatural Obsession with Mason Jars

The mason jar is the smartest carrying container. For less than $10 you can get a case of them from Canadian Tire. They are perfect for bringing an afternoon smoothie to work, for overnight oats or for ensuring that you don’t have a soggy salad. The mason jar is a leak proof completely viable container. Thank you basic bitches, my life just got a little bit easier. 

Kale is My Super Food

Kale is not only a health craze it is actually a health food. I love kale salads, and although it makes no sense to order it at a restaurant and pay $15 for the vegetable that used to simply be garnish at the grocery store, I do. There are worse crimes in this world. 
My slightly basic persona is not completely laden with self-loathing. I can justify a few tendencies that I have pick up along the way. Lohanthony, it is okay with me that I am a just a little bit basic. 

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