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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that I am commonly asked about Vancouver, travel, my beauty routine, and where to buy all my essentials.

Although I love getting DMs, I thought it may be a useful resource to do a round-up of FAQs just in case some of you are too shy to ask. Of course, I am always happy to elaborate further, and if it didn’t make the list, feel free to send me a message. I am always happy to help, as long as you aren’t trying to get me to join your multi-level marketing business.

Where in Vancouver, BC is this swing?

Believe it or not, I get this question at least a couple of times a week. The swing is located by Kitsilano beach. If you take the walking path past Kitsilano pool away from the main beach, eventually you will reach a set of stairs. If you go down the stairs towards the beach you will spot the swing, one tip though, when it is high tide the swing is only accessible in the water.

How Do I Whiten My Teeth?

I will be honest, I do use Facetune to whiten my teeth in my photos (I actually whiten everyone’s teeth if I post a group photo, sorry friends). However, I am also very diligent about whitening my teeth. I have put the unedited photo below as a reference. Once a year I use Crest Whitening Strips and then every couple of months I maintain with Dr.George. I have trays from my dentist that are designed for my mouth, but the Dr. George kit does come with a mouth guard that you can use to create your own teeth mould at home.

Where Did I Get My Blue Light Glasses?

So I get quite a few messages about my glasses, however, they aren’t prescription glasses, they are actually just blue light glasses. I was getting headaches and an eye twitch from sitting in front of a computer all day at work, so I decided to invest in some. I got mine from Movement and I am super happy with them and I do notice the difference.

Where Do I Get My Fave Bodysuits?

I posted about these years ago as my favorite basic and I got quite a few messages to share the link for them. In the summer I had ordered a black and a white tank top versions and then in the fall I ordered a black and a white long sleeve. I really like them with denim shorts or high waisted jeans. The brand is called Sunro and I ordered them off Amazon. They are super affordable, my only complaint is that I would prefer a thong bottom but for the price point they are great.

What Mascara Do I Use?

I will be honest, my sister and I are blessed with very long eyelashes. I have never used an eyelash curler in my life. On occasion, I will get eyelash extensions, usually in the summer or before a trip. I do find that it is a challenging balance act. Mine tend to be way too dramatic or not noticeable at all. The photo above is my natural lashes with mascara and the photo below is my lashes with eyelash extensions. Those ones were a little too extra for my liking.

Usually when I get my eyelash extensions removed my eyelashes are sparse and very damaged. To get them back to the way they used to be, I use GrandLashMD, followed by Milk Mascara.

GrandLashMD really fills in all my bald spots and gets my eyelashes back to looking fuller and longer. Milk Mascara has cannabis oil which I find really helps moisturize my lashes and help them grow.

How do I keep my hair from getting brassy?

I am a bottle blond and mixed, so keeping my hair from looking fried is quite the challenge considering all that I put it through ( I heat style almost everyday).

My saving grace is Fanola products. I use the Fanola No More Yellow Shampoo once a week to keep my hair ashy. It is intense, usually, my hands get a slight purple tinge after I use it but its worth it.

I try to wash my hair once a week, so I follow it up with Fanola Nutricare Conditioner. My hair gets super dry, so if you have fine hair, this is not the conditioner for you.

Where is My Amazon Storefront?

I try to link all my faves to my Amazon Storefront, but because I am just a baby blogger with under 10,000 followers, I don’t have a swipe up. I created a landing page to help find the links but for some reason, people still find it confusing.

Link to my Amazon Storefront

Did I Miss Anything?

I tried to filter through and find the main questions that I get asked quite a bit, but I am always happy to update this list. Hopefully this was helpful. I try to be pretty transparent on my blog, so if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message.

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