Getting Better Sleeps

I had my first weekend off in quite some time. I could barely remember what it feels like to relax, recharge and do nothing. I was having a hard time shutting my mind off and getting good night sleeps. Some days I would have the craziest dreams and wake up anxious instead of well-rested. I did some research and here are the main things I found helpful to ensure that I have better sleeps and wake up feeling well-rested. 

Break Up With Technology

I cannot count how many hours I waste creeping my feed. I started to move my phone away from my bed so I can’t get lots in my social media pages. It is also a good way to get moving in the morning, because I have to get out of bed to turn off my alarm. 

Create a Before Bed Routine

I decided to create a wind down routine. After I shower and brush my teeth, I grab a glass of water to keep next to my bed. I went to Saje Wellness and got the Rose hydrating Euphoric Mist, which I mist on my face before I crawl into bed. I picked up a book to read as well. After about ten to twenty minutes I am usually ready for lights out. Your bedroom routine can involved anything you find relaxing, candles, colouring, stretching, anything that will shut your mind off and help you unwind. If you have really bad anxiety, try EFT to help you relax. 

Don’t Exercise to Close to Bedtime

Exercising too close to bedtime always keeps me up. I have been slowly moving my routine so I can exercise in the morning instead. This leaves my evenings free and I am usually pretty tuckered out and ready for bed  at a reasonable hour. 

Try Stretching Before Bed

Yin Yoga always leaves me feeling so relaxed. If I have had a nerve racking day, I will set 20 – 30 minutes aside to do a few stretches and settle into bed. Mudra Yoga is supposed to be good for deep relaxation and meditation. 

Keep Your Room Clean

Try to make your room feel like a sanctuary. When my room is cluttered it feels impossible to relax. I always try to make up my bed when I leave in the morning, so when I am getting ready for bed at night, my room is organized and not distracting. Cleaning up before bed can also be therapeutic if I didn’t have time to do it in the morning.

Simplify Your Mornings

I sometimes stress over everything I have to do when I wake up. My more relaxing mornings are when I have prepped the night before. I try to check the weather the night before, plan what I am going to wear, pack my lunch and anything I need to bring to work, so my mornings aren’t as stressful. The less I have to do when I first get up, the better my sleep is the night before. 

Getting proper rest if very important, it effects your productivity at work and your mental well-being. Eating right, exercising and getting proper rest all go hand in hand. 

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