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Getting the Best Vacation Deal

The gloomy  months have me itching to go South, however, when it comes to vacationing, I would rather spend less and save up for travelling. Finding the best deal does take some time, there are so many websites and since we didn’t plan in advance we are hoping for last minute deals. I have been researching all the tips and tricks to get the best vacation package for a reasonable rate. 

Check for Chartered Flights

When there is a chartered flight it usually means the carrier has bought out the entire plane, so they will be desperate to sell the remaining seats on the plane. 

Last Minute Deals are Found 30 – 60 Days Out

When it comes to booking a last minute deal, they are more likely to appear 30 – 60 days before the departure date. Try to avoid during spring break, when kids aren’t in school you are paying a premium. This is usually during March, so November, January and February are probably better months to look for last minute packages. I have found that prices seem cheaper on Wednesday or Thursdays. 

Explore Different Options

Depending on your travel style, if you can catch a seat sale and then rent a house it may be a more economical option. Dates can also affect the price, so if you are willing to fly during the week as opposed to on a weekend, than you can probably get a better price. 

Subscribe for Updates

It does get annoying getting a million e-mails a day, but if you want to save money, you are going t have to make a few sacrifices. Sign up for websites like Groupon Getaways, TravelZoo, Expedia,Trip CentralSkyScanner or Last Minute Club to get the first look at vacation packages.I have had the most luck in finding the lowest prices on iTravel2000 and SelloffVacations. If you sign up for the mailing list, iTravel2000 gives you a $50 voucher right away. Be sure to read the fine print, there is a high possibility that prices will drop after you book, so choose a website with a good price drop guarantee. I booked with iTravel2000 and had a terrible experience with their price drop guarantee, there are so many stipulations. Make sure to go to the checkout to see the final price, a lot of websites have hidden fees or are in USD. 

Check in With a Travel Agent

This is hit or miss. A travel agent may be able to find you a good deal, or she may charge you a premium. It is also worth while to check, you never know what they may find. 

Good luck searching! 

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