Goal Setting for 2016

2016 is in 13 days! New Years signifies new beginnings for most people and I would like to think that I try to evolved and grow as the years go by. New Years Eve is also very special to me because three years ago it was the day that my current boyfriend and I had our first kiss. I posted about my short comings for 2015, so it is only fitting that I reflect on my year and trying to figure out what goals are important to  me for 2016. 

More Adventures

Committing to a full-time career, does not mean the adventures have to stop. Although I can’t take off for months at a time anymore, I can explore the places close by. I can try to make more plans in advance so I have things to look forward to, and try to devote my weekends to exploring as opposed to emptying out my PVR.  

Feel Better

I made this one super broad, because I wanted it to be all encompassing. Being active has always been important to me, but the time I can commit to it is continuously depleting. I would like to create more balance in my life, and feel better in general. When I work out regularly I have more energy, I feel better and my clothes fit better. Health is something that you can’t buy, so it is important to take good care of yourself. 

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

My boyfriend is blessed with the gift for gab. I am terribly shy, and awful at small talk. It takes me a long time to get comfortable with people and I make it very apparent if I like or dislike someone. My constant need for authenticity is huge fault in the career world, where networking is essential. I tend to want to hermit, but I know in order to be successful it is important to get myself out there. I really need to work on my comfort level in uncomfortable situations, and having a better presence in social settings. It is hard for people to take me seriously and value my intelligence when I can’t effectively vocalize my ideas. 

Spending Less Money

Sometimes we make decisions based on our emotions; a need for change, variety, or escaping our reality. 2015, career wise was a confusing year for me. I had taken on a huge project at work, and once I successfully completed it, I felt like there was no longer a need for me to stay there, I felt I needed to branch out and grow. I took a position without rationalizing it. I didn’t take the time to reflect I just jumped into it, without thinking. I now have less autonomy, work longer hours, for considerably less money and high transportation cost! So all in all, I felt like I was losing. I had to really coach myself and try to make the best out of an unfavorable situation. The people I work with are awesome and so friendly. I am involved in events, and even though I have very little say in how to run them, it is still good experience. However, I need to tighten my purse strings, saving has never been more difficult. Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I need to stay focused on what I do have and stop over spending.   

I hope you set some goals for 2016 as well. Take a step back and decide what your prioritizes are for 2016. I know that I always feel more accomplished if I can reflect over my year and commend myself for reaching the goals I had set. 

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