Goals for 2015

I have already raved about my 2014, so I thought I would set some goals for 2015. Writing down and sharing my goals makes me feel more accountable when it comes to making changes in my life. 

Find a Group Activity

I have a regular routine every day after work. I go to the gym and then go home and make dinner. I get really annoyed when I get too many social commitments and I can’t keep up with my regular routine. For this year I want to chose an active group activity. I have also been rearranging my schedule so I can make a few yoga and tea dates along the way. Fitness should be fun and interactive and I want to stop putting pressure on myself when I put it on the back burner. 

Letting Go

I am terrible for wanting vengeance, I can be the sweetest person, until I feel betrayed, and I am out to seek revenge. The worst is my road rage in Vancouver, I am ruthless until I get to my destination and calm down. I really allow people to get under my skin. I know I shouldn’t let people bother me, but I obsess over how I can get back at them. I realize how insignificant it is in my day. It is a such an energy suck. People who are trying to belittle you or go out of their way to make you miserable, don’t have anything better to do. I am deciding this year to always take the high road. If people want to be cray cray, I’ll let them be cray cray, but I do not have the energy for it. I wish them all the best.  

Family First

My mom has been diagnosed with a fairly serious illness. My family has been obsessing about the illness and putting a lot of pressure on her to make smart choices. I feel like that burdens her more. I have actively tried to plan activities that we can do together while I am in town and carve out some time once or twice a week to have a good lengthy phone call with her. My brother and sister also live out of town, so I want to make sure that I try to connect with them at least once a week.

Keep the Travel Bug Alive

There is nothing I love more than travel…well maybe a new bag…or a new pair of boots. Okay so I spend a little recklessly. I try to save and I do, but I also spend spend spend. I have a list of all the places I would like to visit and although I have ticked off many, South East Asia is waiting for me. This year I want to make sure I make it there or to Croatia if I can’t carve out enough time to go. No time like the present.

Read a Book

I need to start reading, post graduate life, I have picked up 50 Shades of Grey, read three pages, hated it and put it down. That has been it for me. I do enjoy reading but obviously I need to choose better reading material. For Christmas I got an overload of books. I have started my first one, “Bossypants” by Tina Fey and I really want to keep the momentum going. When you have a good book that you can’t put down it always feels like a good use of time. Sometime when I turn the TV on and there is nothing good on, I can spend hours on mindless banter. With a good book it is always more enriching, I look forward to coming home to read it. 

I try to set goals for each year. When I was a student I was always meeting deadlines and constantly learning new information. I want to continue having that education that life has to offer. Hopefully 2015 will be just as wonderful as 2014.  

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