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Hiking Spots in West Kelowna

West Kelowna has breathtaking water views and mountains! They is also a wide variety of trails, some for beginners and some for a more experience hiker. 

Hardy Falls

Time of Year: All year round
Difficulty: Beyond Easy
Duration: 10 minutes
Location: Peachland BC off of Hwy 97
This hike is pretty much a short walk, but if you are in the neighborhood you might as well check it out. I was tricked into this hike, I don’t regret going but I was definitely over prepared. It is a nice flat walk with a nice path. It is a great photo opportunity though, and you get to see a waterfall with very little physical exertion,so why not. It is also very beautiful around salmon harvesting season.  

Pincushion Mountain

Time of Year: Spring/Fall/Summer
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 1 hour
Location: RRO Glenpark #3002, West Kelowna
The view for this hike is spectacular. This hike is on the opposite spectrum of Hardy Falls, it does take some time and there is quite a bit of an incline but it is one of those hikes that when you get to the top, you know that it was worth it. I wouldn’t go in the winter just because it is a little bit slippery. If you have an high energy dog this is a hike that he would enjoy. 

Fintry Falls

Time of Year: All Year Round
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 1 – 2 hours
Location: 7655 Fintry Delta Road, West Kelowna
I hope you like stairs because this hike has a lot of them. The hike has everything, waterfalls and an amazing view. This is another one that is dog friendly and if you have an active dog, they will be sleeping the ride home and probably for the rest of the day. It is a little bit of a drive depending on where you are coming from, but its a worth while spot. 
I tried to pick hikes that would appeal to all different skill levels. Check out my blog post on hiking in Kelowna for more trails close by. 

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