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Holiday 2020 Gift Guides

Take advantage of COVID sales and check out my holiday shopping guide.

Halloween seemed like a wash, then I blinked and it was Remembrance Day, followed by everyone on my social media putting up their Christmas decorations already. Perhaps we are all needing a little bit of cheer in our lives, so starting to dream about the holidays, is a nice break. I put together a few gift ideas for all the loved ones in my life.

Gifts for Mom

My parents have everything, making it almost impossible to buy for them. I usually try to think of sentimental gifts or things that they would not normally purchase for themselves. My mom loves home decor and anything lavender. A Crueset Dutch Oven is a must-have item to have in your kitchen, especially for a mom that loves to cook. I also love the Oui Organics Collection from Indigo, the prices are very reasonable and they have an artisan feel to them.

My mom especially loves gifts with thought put into them. I thought the birthstone necklace from Etsy was a cute idea, Etsy also has quite a few talented artists that can create some modern and fun custom portraits.

Gifts for Dad

My dad loves most things dads tend to love. Fishing, sailing, playing crib, and drinking scotch. An elevated crib board is a gift I was sure would get some use in my parent’s house and keep my mother happy if it is left out on display. I am in love with handmade or customizable everyday items.

He is also an avid reader. I have been hearing a lot about Matthew McConaughey’s new book, and I think most dads will probably find it pretty interesting.

Gifts for Him

I find men particularly hard to shop for because they usually want tech-y gifts, however I usually try to find a few practical items. Travel mugs, a weekender bag and a good cologne will definitely get some use and it is probably something he wouldn’t purchase for himself.

Le Labo has some of my favourite fragrances, they are pricey but very worth it.

Gifts for Her

My sister is one of the easiest people to shop for because she will basically like anything that I would like. This year I have been nesting, so I really appreciate cozy loungewear, skincare products, and candles. In quarantine, my skin has really started to thrive by using the Tatcha line. I love all their products.

Lately, I have been focusing on self-care and re-prioritizing. Since I no longer go to the office, I have started to really trim down my closet. Fitness and health have been top of mind, I love this water bottle that holds a daily water intake and it’s super pretty.

My must have item of the season was the Always Pan from Our Place. Not only are they beautiful and multi-functional but they ensure that the factories that help produce the pan are ethical. An added bonus, this pan is on sale now! I couldn’t wait until the holidays, so I just ordered myself one.

I hope this helps kick off your shopping for the holiday season. I know I have started to make a note in my phone of all the people I need to buy for and what I think they would like this Christmas.

Do you have some good gift ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

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