Holiday Gift Guide for the Little Ones

Children's Must Have Toys 2015

Although it is hard to group all children into one category, since age and gender could drastically sway their preferences. I have chosen a few items and I guarantee at least one of them has made the wish list for the child in your life. 

Playmobil is a good one for the child who likes to build things, it is also very flexible with price point. There are smaller sets and more extravagant sets to chose from.  

Mermaid Tail Blanket
Who wouldn’t want to curl up and look like a mermaid. The mermaid blanket has taken over Etsy’s onlline stores. The blankets are so beautiful, I am almost tempted to buy one for myself. 

Anything Frozen

Frozen is still going strong, Olaf, Anna, Elsa, anything from the Frozen franchise will be a big hit with little ones. Maybe hold off on gift the Frozen soundtrack, I am sure “Let It Go” has already been played in repeat and this will make for a miserable couple of weeks if it gets put back in full rotation. 
A Drone

For the tech lover, a drone is the toy that they want to play with. Although this item is more suited for an older child. There are lots of small parts that a toddler could chew on.

A Toy Car

I remember these toy cars being so expensive when I was growing up, Walmart now has some that are even at the $50 mark. If you want to be the new family favorite, a toy car is the over the top gift to win over the little girl or boy in your life. 

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