Holiday Wish List for Her

Wish List for her

A holiday wishlist for her? Who am I kidding, this is everything that I would love to have for Christmas. I am one of the hardest people to buy for, I never know what I want until I don’t get it, and I love when my presents have a lot of thought put into them. I look forward to searching to find the perfect gift for the people that are important to me, so I am always happy when someone else shares my enthusiasm. These are the items that are making the top of my list:


You really can’t go wrong with getting your special someone jewelry. Every year I tease my boyfriend that I am still waiting for diamonds. I am only half joking…but honestly I appreciate a nice piece of jewelry and it doesn’t have to be expensive. I really like simple unique pretty pieces. 

A Watch

Fifth Watches are my latest obsession. They are reasonable priced and have a clean classic look. I have been putting off buying one for myself because I feel like it is the perfect gift item. I also love layering, so having a nice matching bangle is a winning gift giving combo.

Home Decor Item

I am getting to the age where I would almost prefer an item for my home as opposed to an item for myself. I spend a lot of time working on my computer in bed. I have a tray for my computer, but it is one that I have to put directly on my lap. I would absolutely love this acrylic one from CB2, it goes with any home decor and not only can be used for your computer but also as a breakfast in bed tray.  

Fitness Accessories

I love getting new fitness items. I have been in love with this company that makes brightly coloured yoga mats and yoga towels and yoga straps. All the designs are super cool and fashionable. These are at the top of my holiday wish list. 

Cute Jammies

PJs are a good present because they are something that people don’t usually buy themselves. A cute pj set is a guaranteed well received gift. 


Some girls love shoes, I love handbags. I am always happy to receive a new bag. In high school I used to match my outfits to my purses, it would take me forever to get ready in the morning. I have now streamlined and tend to get a new bag per season. I like to get good staple pieces that will go with everything and last a long time.

Gift Set

If all else fails a gift set is a easy gift. It is usually good value and they are already merchandised nicely, so you can get your gift and just throw it in a gift bag. 

Good luck shopping for that special someone! Hope I have given you some good ideas. If you are really stumped, think about her hobbies or interests and go from there. There is always some new accessory or product that she will be excited for or make her life a little bit easier.   

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