Holiday Wish List For Him

Holiday Wishlist for him

It is the season of giving. I have been carefully watching my boyfriends every move, trying to figure out if he is dropping any hints. Every time he mentions something he wished he had, I try to take notes. Shopping for him is very difficult. Women get a bad rep for not knowing what they want, but men are just as useless. There are some basic items that I don’t think you can go wrong with: 
  1. Lululemon anything is usually a hit, the fabrics are so soft and they make awesome staples for guys. My boyfriend keeps bringing up the time he tried on the Five Year basic long sleeve and he has yet to receive one. At the time he tried one on, he said that he never wears long sleeves ,so it doesn’t make sense to get it. I guess what he really meant was, if he had this long sleeve then he would wear it.

    For his Birthday I got him the city jogger from Lululemon and if he could wear them everyday he would. They are relatively more fashionable than the average sweat pant. 

  2.  A timepiece is a good gift if you know his style well, or know what is missing in his collection. If he is not so into watches, a leather bracelet or silver necklace are some other jewelry alternatives. I always examine what is in his collection and use it as a reference to pick similar styles he may like.
  3. Winter wear is an essential, so it doesn’t make for a fun gift, however if he doesn’t have tech gloves yet, he will be happy to receive them. Not having to take your gloves off to text in the winter is something he will be thankful for.
  4. Sweaters are always a safe bet. I either invest in a nice wool sweater (a cashmere blend) or I try to get something that I have seen him eyeing. I have a soft spot for crew-necks, if I could I would wear crew-necks all winter, so I sneak them in as gifts whenever I can. I am obsessed with the classic Club Monaco crew-neck.
  5. Tech gifts are always welcome. Anything Apple is usually a hit or the latest toy that Justin Bieber is playing with. I am probably going to opt and get him waterproof bluetooth speakers. The item everyone needs once the weather starts getting warmer.
  6. Fancy toiletries are an unknown in my boyfriend’s life. He used to have one 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner and use a bar of soap for his body and his face. It took years of training for him to become more involved in skin care, and by skin care, I mean wearing sunscreen in the summer, purchasing a face wash and actually having separate bottles for shampoo and conditioner. One he started using “fancier” products he really noticed the difference. He is now in love with Kiehls. He does a lot of travelling so it is very convenient that they have so many multi-purpose products.
  7. A GoPro is technically a tech gift but I put it in it’s own category because this is the toy that most guys can’t put down. If he already has a GoPro, accessories to go along with it will do as well. I am sure he wants the chest piece so he can film snowboard videos with his friends.
Guys usually want the things they wouldn’t think to buy themselves or the items they know very little about. If you are still stumped, I would recommend going to This is Why I am Broke and choosing the random-est item. It is basically the home of things that you don’t really need but you probably really want for some reason. 

Happy shopping! 

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