Holiday Wish List for Mom

Gifts for Mom

My mom is the one person in my life that never asks for anything. She is just happy when we spend time with her and come to visit her. Even though she is overjoyed to see us at Christmas time, gifts are always welcome. 

The parent who has always been there when my siblings and I need to talk, is my mother. She is willing to do anything of us at the drop of a hat. Gift giving is all about showing the people in your life that you appreciate them and that you care. I try to get my mother gifts that make her feel pampered or appeal to her interests. 

Jewelry is a hard one, because everyone’s taste is different. My mom has always had a love of Tiffany & Co, , so I know I can’t go wrong by choosing a classic item for her. 

Candles smell good and they are perfect for ambiance lighting when you want to have a warm bath. A nice addition to any bathroom. My mom really enjoys candles, every time she comes to visit me she brings me candles. She usually buys a basic soy candle, so I try to pick out elegant candles to give to her as a gift.

Tea is one of my mother’s favorite things. I love Kusmi teas, I was introduced to the brand when I was in Paris. I love their detox tea. The teas are good cold as well as hot. Tea is a good addition to any gift. 

A Bathrobe that feels like a warm hug is a safe bet and will definitely get a lot of use in the colder months. 

Blanket scarfs are my everything for the winter and you can really never have too many scarfs. I try to choose a colour that matches my mothers winter coats, or a statement colour that she maybe wouldn’t have chosen herself but compliments her skin tone. 

Butter is a cosmetics company that uses all natural ingredients. None of their nail polishes have any odor. As I have mentioned in previous posts, my mom is very conscious consumer she is very aware of all the products she buys. Butter fits right in having no harmful ingredients. She loves all of their products. They have amazing lotions and oils to strengthen your nails. 

Kitchen tools are something that my mom can’t seem to get enough of. She is always buying some new gadget that she doesn’t really need. William Sonoma is her go-to for kitchen items. A couple of years ago we got her a punch bowl that doubles as a cake stand, or something of that nature. There is always an interesting selection of products to choose from. 

Gift giving is tricky, it is hard to find that balance between wants and needs. My mom is one of those people in my life that is easy to please. Although she would be happy with anything, I try to get her something that I hope she will be excited about. Stumped on the other people on your list? Check out my tips on what to get for him. 

Gourmet Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegar is another item that doesn’t go to waste in my family’s house. Although my mom can buy her own, she loves this gourmet olive oil place in Vancouver. They have every flavour you could image, from peach balsamic to chipotle olive oil. They are all so delicious and have so many different purposes.  

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