Holiday Wish List for the Dreaded Gift Exchange at Work

Gifts for Work

Every year we play that Christmas game “White Elephant”. For some reason I find it the most stressful gift I have to buy all season. I can’t decide if I want to target my gift to one co-worker, try to go for a generic gift or be humorous and pick out a gag gift. the constraints of the budget doesn’t make it any easier. Over the years I have found a few formulas that work well for gift exchanges.

Scarf & Wine

A scarf in a gender neutral colour and cheap wine is always a hit. Old Navy has cheap winter accessories, especially if you can catch them on sale and most wine stores have an under $20 area. Kindle is a BC wine that is an affordable $8, and relatively decent. It is the type of gift that won’t go to waste. 

A Mug, Gourmet Hot Chocolate & Baileys
You have to be extra cheap to make sure this one comes in under budget, I pick a mug from the Dollarstore and then splurge and get Godiva Hot Chocolate and a mickey of baileys. Alcohol is always welcome. 

Anything from Chapters

Chapters is now more of a gift store than a book store. All of the items in their home and gift section are perfect for getting a gift that isn’t targeted at anyone in particular. A throw, scented candles, nice slippers, you really can’t go wrong. 

Something People Can Actually Use

Glass storage containers come in at under $20 and are always a hit. Especially if you have a few coworkers that always bring lunches to work. 


The people that don’t like chocolate are few and far between. So if I am really in a pinch, this is my go-to gift. 

Tech Gift

A tech gift under $25 is tricky, a gift that will appeal to everyone, a battery pack. My phone is almost always dead, and unfortunately I usually forgot to charge my battery pack as well. 

Although it is funny to be that awkward colleague that brings in a completely random gift, it is usually the item that no one wants to get stuck with. Booze and chocolates are always hot commodities that get stolen quickly. 

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