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I am revealing how I maximized my small space to accommodate a home office set up

Working from home is nothing new for me. I have been primarily a remote worker since 2017. Although a home office can have its perks, I got used to having the occasional work from home day and spending the majority of my time in the office. It was nice to have the separation between home and work.

With everything that is going on in the world, it is not surprise that I am now confined to working from home. The first few weeks, I took over my dining table but it really is a less than ideal set up and an eye sore for when people come over. It took me a while to strategize what I wanted my work station to look like, especially since it is now going to live in my living room. After hours of searching the internet I came across the best invention for my space challenged living room, a secretary desk.

The Set Up

Portable Monitor

Since the gap on the desk was so shallow, I had to switch out my traditional monitor for a portable one. A portable monitor made sense to me, for if I am travelling and want to work remotely somewhere else. It is lightweight, easily tucked away, and compact to transport in my bag. It even came with a nice case and stand.

Decor Items

A desk wouldn’t be a desk without a few key home decor items. Most of the items I already had in my home, so I just reorganized them on top of the desk. I sometimes lean my pictures up instead of hanging them for some depth and a layered look.

Adding a scent was key to making the space relaxing for me. I am currently obsessed with Magnolia Home Diffusers in Love. It is nice to have the aroma of a candle without worrying about the flame.

The Desk

I thought finding a convertible desk would be a easy, but it was actually quite difficult. When I looked up secretary desks, there weren’t many that really matched the look and feel of my home. One of the major selling points for me was that I could just use my dining room chairs as my office chair. Although its not the most ergonomic, when it comes to furniture, I tend to sway towards function over fashion. Not having an extra chair lingering around my living room was a huge plus for me. Eventually, I may upgrade my chair for something comfier.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my set up. It also allowed me to make room for a bar cart, so I would like to consider that another win. Working from home followed by happy hour at home…only on Fridays…

I have been meaning to do a home tour since I moved in and renovated…even looking at all the old photos, the space is completely different. I got a little too obsessed with pendant lights. Let me know what you think of the space and which room or project you want me to share next.

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