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Home Tour – My Living Room

The coziest room in my home, after my bedroom, of course. A look into my bohemian-inspired living room.

This is typical of me, but after I finished decorating my living room, all I kept thinking is how nice it would be to have been if I had gone with an all-white theme and stuck with neutral colours. I know, so annoying. I can never make up my mind. I think I am too messy for a white couch though. I am the first to admit that I tend to go for design over function, but for a living room, I really wanted it to be comfortable, functional, and have a little bit of bohemian flair.


Let’s start at the bottom, rugs! My place has an open concept for rugs really help to section out the areas. Since I was going with a grey colour palette with pops of colour. I wanted my rug to pull from other colours in the space (the throw pillows and wall art). I got my rug from West Elm, I was really feeling pink at this time, although I know want to start to phase it out, I still like how plush the rug is. I am usually drawn to neutral patterned rugs that will add to the space but don’t distract.


The couch is really what pulls the room together. I toyed with the idea of having a sectional and armchairs but having room for two people to spawl was a better option. Honestly, my next move might be getting that couch that is basically a giant bed! Since my living room is quite small, finding a sectional that would fit in the space was tricky. I actually got my couch from Coscto of all places. I like that it is modular, so you can play around with the configurations. I will often alternate which side I put the ottoman component on.

Coffee Table

When I first moved in I got my dream coffee table. It was a beautiful rectangular wooden table, however with the u-shape of my couch it was way too larger. I opted for a smaller round coffee table. It is tight to get around but ultimately people usually end up sitting on either side. I also have a sofa table that can act as a back up for resting drinks. I love the minimalist geometric design of the table I chose.


Accessories are a way to add personality to a room in my opinion. I love adding in natural elements like pampas grass, crystals, and plants. Like most millennials I have an infinite love for plants, monsteras, fiddle leaves, rubber trees, they all make my heart sing and bring nature into the home. I also like that plants can really add some height to a room. I tend to buy souvenirs from trips, so I try to buy things that I think will fit in with my decor and add some personality.

My proudest life hack for wall art is stock photos! I usually choose a few photos from Etsy I like and then mix them in with a few photos I printed off Unsplash for a budget conscious way to put together a gallery wall.

Throw pillows are another way to add personality to space, I personally like to mix up textures like silk and velvet to add another layer of dimension.

I am really passionate about home decor, so I love sharing my latest finds and my tips and tricks to personalizing my home. Let me know if there is a certain space you would like me to do a spotlight on.

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