How to Beat Cold Season

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The time has come for sniffy noses and sore throats. There is nothing worse than being under the weather. Cold season is fast approaching, so I like to gear up my immune system. 

Prevention Stage

Once you have a cold, the only thing you can do is ride it out. The key to not getting sick is catching it early. If I get warning signs of a cold, or I have been in contact with sick people there are a few products that I rely on:
  • Airborne is an immune system booster, which is perfect to take if you are around a co-worker with a cold. 
  • Echinacea is another immune system booster. It is only helpful with prevention, once you have a cold it doesn’t do much.
  • Oil of Oregano, I use this both for prevention and while I have a cold. It tastes awful but it works. 
Orange juice, anything with vitamin C is always a good idea. I also like to do a nice deep clean if I feel something coming on. I will wipe down all the surfaces around me and change my sheets and towels. 

Cold Contraction Stage

Once you have a cold, the best thing to do is try to overcome it as fast as possible. I have friends who will take dayquil or Tylenol cold to help with their colds. These products just delay symptoms they won’t actually help you to get better. I do use these if I need to get a good night sleep or to help if I have to go into work. There are other tricks that are more beneficial to speeding up the healing process. 

I have found that Cold-Fx Neocitran is the perfect sleep aid. It may just be a placebo effect but I actually feel like I beat my cold faster when I use it. 

I like to make sure I drink lots of fluids, I usually stick to teas and soups. I also incorporate garlic, lemon, and ginger into my diet. 

Restorative Yoga is also a good way to maintain some movement. There are quite a few videos on YouTube to choose from. it feels nice to stretch and get out of bed.
I hope cold season doesn’t get you, but if it does, there is no harm in being prepared. 

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