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How to Create a Gallery Wall

I have had my share of adventures. I love to pick up photography or interesting postcards that I can display in my home. I finally invested in a camera other than my iPhone so I decided it was time to start displaying some of my own pictures. A gallery is a nice way to add personality to your home. 


I wanted my photos to not only showcase my favorite spots, but also for them to have a cohesive feel. I tried to choose a similar colour palette and organize my pictures in a way that made sense to me. 
Once you have chosen the sequence of the photos, I had to choose the formation. This is the hardest part, the command strips make it easy to place the pictures. I used the painters tape to make a grid. It is one of those instances where you want to measure twice and cut once. I made sure it was the right height and and stood away from the wall to make sure I liked the placement before sticking the adhesive photos onto the wall. Presto! Photo wall! 

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