How to Get Out of a Rut – 5 Easy Steps

Lately my work life balance has been lacking. I have been working really hard and not getting any recognition. At night I am way to tired to make it to the gym and I crave carb heavy or greasy fried foods. The bottom line is, I have been feeling rutty. Just stuck in a place that is unproductive and counterproductive. I finally decided I needed to take action. 

Step 1

Make a list. Making a list is a good first step towards feeling a sense of accomplishment. When I can start working my way down a list, I automatically feel like I am back in control of my life. I usually lay awake a night regretting all the time I wasted during the day and how I missed another workout or put off another choir. 

Step 2

Wake up earlier! It is so hard to do but it makes a difference. Pack a bag a night before and plan to go to the gym before work or take an extra twenty minutes in the morning to actually sit down and enjoy your coffee before you head to work. Having some designated ‘me’ time is the fastest way to start feeling like yourself again. 

Step 3

Make plans! I am the worst for making plans and then deciding the day of that I absolutely have no desire to do them.  Push yourself to try something new, get out of your comfort zone, or catch up with an old friend,  these are all things that will get you out of your rut. Hermit-ting tends to just feed your desire to self loath and wallow. Once you start socialize or filling up your calendar, it will give you something to be excited about again. 

Step 4

Sign up for a class. Learning something new is a great way to get motivated again. Kick boxing, an art class, any type of activity that will help you build a schedule and stick with it. 

Step 5

Stop the self talk! Some days I analyze everything I said that day. I wonder if I offended that person, or if I said too much or too little. My mind is filled with self doubt. The self talk in my head it toxic, especially when I am in a rut. It is important to acknowledge when you are being over sensitive and realize that the only person who is reading into every word you said is you. Instead of dwelling in the past, try to focus on moving forward. 

Feeling stuck in a rut happens to the best of us. It is easy to get caught up in the things that are not going right and ignore all the positives. Finding the right balance and deciding on the things that truly add value to your life is an important step to feeling back to normal again.  

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