How to Use Instagram Stories

Instagram announced that they were introducing ‘Instagram Stories’ which is a very Snapchat-esque function. While it may not be time for your business to jump on Snapchat, I would highly recommend jumping on Instagram Stories.Instagram has drastically more users than Snapchat. I know it sounds daunting, having another social media function to update, but Instagram stories is awesome opportunity to connect with consumers. Why not hit the ground running and experiment with posting content on Instagram Stories. 

Functions of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is very similar to Snapchat but has limited features. The stories last 24 hours, there are some filters, the ability to doodle and write. Much like Snapchat you can see who and how many people view your story. This is an added bonus for Marketers! You can determine a pattern and see which stories have the most views and cater your posts to the desires of your audience. 

Why You Should Apply it To Your Business

It is in Real Time

Events are about 80% of my job. We have discussed many times in our marketing meetings if we need to get on Snapchat. I didn’t really see the benefit since it is a lot of work to build followers, we probably wouldn’t post content everyday and it doesn’t necessarily tap into our target demographic. The nice thing about Instagram Stories, is that you can already tap into your existing Instagram following. I can easily post reminders before an event, or stream live when the event starts. When there are no events, I don’t have to worry about satisfying my followers because I am still posting my Instagram feed. 

It is Imperfect

Instagram content tends to be polished and visually appealing while maintaining a certain amount of organic authenticity. I cringe when I have to post a photo for a contests. My Insta-pet-peeve is posting images that resemble advertisements. With Instagram Stories it is easy to post reminders to enter contests, promote upcoming events or advertise special promotions, all without continuously clogging your page with the same images. 

Very Accessible

Instagram does a good of allowing users to explore. The algorithm taps into your interests and content that it thinks users will like. In comparison to Snapchat, it is way easier to find users/businesses and you don’t have to know their exact Snapchat username. In terms of privacy settings, you can choose who you want to access your stories. As a business, everyone accessing your stories is obviously beneficial. If an Instagram user that does not follow you visits your account they can see your stories. The ability to explore is a is an opportunity that Snapchat has missed out, especially in regards to business accounts.

Instagram stories is a welcoming addition to Instagram. I can’t wait to see the updates that are to come and how Instagram Stories evolve! I would love to hear about the companies that you think are doing an excellent job of posting on their Instagram Stories. 

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