Make Your Own Terrarium

The winter time is my peak DIY season. The weather is not nice enough to spend outside and if you live in Vancouver you know that it is constantly raining. We have had an amazing summer, but a couple of weekends ago I finally got to tackle a project I have been dying to work on making my own terrarium. 

I am a summer baby so I wanted to my terrariums to remind me of the beach. The dollar store is the best starting off point and the cheapest. I picked out glass beads, pieces of glass, white sand and sea glass. 


– Pick a glass vessel, I got mine from Michaels 
– Glass beads
– White Sand
– Sea Glass
– Seashells
– Air plant

Terrariums are a pretty easy craft, you basically just throw it together. Pinterest is usually where I go for inspiration. Air plants are really easy to care for, all you need to go is spray them with water twice a week. They don’t need any soil so you can put them in anything. 

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