Mastering the Art of Tidying

For the new year, I decided that I wanted to work towards bettering myself and my surroundings. My living room being a top priority. It is probably the space that looks the most unorganized at all times. Two things have to change in this room, I need a TV stand with doors so the space will look more put together and I must tackle this awful shelving area that is constantly cluttered with odds and ends. 

I love order and organization, so I am surprised I let this disaster go on for so long. I wanted the space to look more uniform and less like a scattered mess. Tackling an area can be a very daunting task, so I tried to break it down and figure out the best way to utilize the space. 

Step 1

I measured the shelves to figure out what storage boxes would work. I decided to do a few searches on the internet to get a better idea of what type of storage items are out there. I am partial to white and gold, so I was hoping that I could get something along those lines. I highly recommend:
Ikea – for the best price
Amazon – for the most variety 
The Container Store – for innovative storage ideas 

Step 2

This is the task I hate the most, purging. I pulled everything off the shelf and determined, which I use most frequently, what things are important to keep, which things can be thrown out and what items I would like to group together. 

Step 3

Once I had a good idea of how I was grouping everything, I made a list of what I needed. 
1 – A medium size box for all my tech accessories. These I access regularly, so I wanted it to be easy to access. 
2 – A box for my binders ( I keep strata documents, personal files, etc. in here) This type of paperwork I won’t use as frequently. 
3 – A decorative box for my office supplies
4 – A pencil cup for all my pens and pencils
5 – A box for paper. This one, I just re-purposed. I know that if I need to print or write something, I will probably need to access paper very frequently, so I wanted to put this in a spot where it is readily available. 

Step 4

Adding a little decor helps me stylize the shelving unit. I choose the gold chevron print decorative box because it pulled in the gold from the storage box. I also wanted to add touches of gold throughout, so I chose a gold patterned vase to use as a pencil holder. I have been seeing a lot of rocks at home decor stores, so I thought that it would be a nice added touch. 

Hopefully creating a place for everything will help me keep the space clean. I don’t want my shelving area to go back to looking like a hot mess. 

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