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Must-Have Athletic Wear That is NOT from Lululemon

Every time I go to the gym I can tell when Lulu has released a new tank top because every girl there is wearing it. I can’t deny that I do enjoy Lululemon but there are other athletic brands that go overlooked because of the saturated Lululemon market in Vancouver. There are a few brands that I have discovered and dare I say, I prefer their products over the beloved Lululemon. 

Victoria Secret Sports Bras

I have tried all of Lululemons bras on and I hate them. I have also tried majority of Nike sports bras on and they are just as terrible. I have some part of my boob region that ends up popping out the sides or if I go a size large my breasts are going to escape the minute I start moving around. Victoria Secret sports bras are key. I can do any move and still be tucked in and my boyfriend always praises me on how they don’t give me “uniboob”. 

Alo Yoga Wear

I love my active wear to be comfortable and easy to move in. I also tend to lean to athleisure on the weekends, so I want my active wear to be relatively cute as well. The to and from pants are so soft, probably the softest cotton I have ever felt, the leggings are very flattering and nicely accentuate my butt. I don’t think I could ever go back to a Lululemon legging. 


When I think of UnderArmour, I always think of the guys in high school that wore the compression t-shirts to make them feel more muscular, so embarrassing! I love their running shoes, the last time I went sneaker shopping, the store clerk talked me out of Nike Frees and into UnderArmour shoes. They are light weight, they still have support and they are fairly fashionable. I also like their looser fitting tanks, and tshirts for working out at the gym. 

Calvin Klein Performance

I specifically love the tights. They are super comfortable and not to expensive. The fabric has just the right amount of stretch so that they are forgiving but do not slide off my body when I am trying to exercise. They are a good staple in any active wardrobe. 

Nike Running Shorts

I love the running shorts with lining underneath, that way if I am to some awkward stretches, I don’t have any chance of having a wardrobe malfunction. I am not crazy about built in underwear in shorts so the longer lining it more comfortable for me, they are a good alternative to the Lululemon running short.  
I am always looking for new brands to try out, I would love to hear what your favorite items are from different athletic brands. 

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