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Must Have Fall Favorites

Fall 2015



The leaves are changing colour and it is time to start order hot beverages again. I have put away my flip flops and exchanged them for loafers and boots. With the changing season, comes changing trends. I love fall colours, burgundy, olive, charcoal, pewter, okay half of these are grey, but I am really into monochromatic colours for the fall. There are a few trends that I am more than ready to embrace for the fall season.  


I was on the fence about this trend when it was huge in the spring, but I have warmed up to it. Culottes are effortlessly fashionable. I wear my culottes to work, with a sweater or a blouse and on the weekends I can make them more casual with a tank top and leather jacket. An added bonus is that they are also so comfy. To balance out the silhouette I usually wear a slim fitting top. 

Faux Layered Sweater

I feel like this trend is a throwback to Clueless and I love it. Having a cropped sweater on top of a blouse has such a cute school girl vibe. It is everything about the 90’s that I know and love. It is also another easy look which works with jeans or with a skirt.

Sweater Dresses

This is not a new trend, but I still love it. In the summer I live for shift dresses, especially to wear to work. Sweater dresses are the fall version of this. I love being able to throw something on and still look put together. 

Sleeveless Blazer

I was a little bit confused about this trend at first. It doesn’t make sense to have a blazer with no sleeves, especially not for the fall. I just keep envisioning how much maintenance it is going to be, to continue to groom my armpits, jk…well half kidding. I actually have come around. I really like the look of it. It doesn’t have to go with a short sleeve shirt underneath. It can also go perfectly with a long sleeve sweater or blouse. I find that I do get hot when wearing a blazer so this is actually a functional way to keep the tailored look without feeling boxed in. 
I am completely ready to embrace my fall wardrobe. I would love to hear what fall trends you are most excited about as well. 

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