Must Have Travel Apps

Travelling is stressful, but by having the right applications this can alleviate some of that pressure. These are the apps that I have found most useful, throughout my travels. I would recommend downloading them before you disembark on your next trip so you can have them all setup. 


Is an app that works like a GPS. Before I head to a new destination, I download the map in Maps.me. Do this while you have the internet, because it will eat up all your data. I get lost in Vancouver, which has been my home for over five years. My sense of direction is questionable at times. Trying to find my way in a foreign country is no easy task, this app is very valuable to me, and it is fully functioning without the use of data. 


Math is another one of my shortcomings. Especially when I am put on the spot. Currency.Xe gives conversions in real-time, without the use of data. It is super easy to use, I just set up the currencies of the countries I am going to. All you do is type in the amount and it auto-populates what the amount would be in different currencies and vice versa. Super easy to use. 


This is another very useful app. I actually used the Skype app on my phone to make calls to Thailand to book a few of our flights. I don’t have a long-distance plan on my cell phone, so it would of ended up costing me a small fortune. All I had to do was add a few Skype dollars onto my account, this is the most cost-efficient and convenient way to make long-distance calls. I know there are a lot of apps that allow you to make calls using the internet, but the majority of them require both parties to have the app. I can call any phone number using the Skype App. 



TripAdvisor has many different useful functions. I like to use it when I am travelling and want to find the best place to eat close by. There is also reviews on hotels, attractions in the area and even downloadable apps. I have had friends say that they are not picky about hotels, and they will stay anywhere because they aren’t travelling to stay in hotel rooms. I want every traveler to keep in mind that bedbugs or theft can really ruin a getaway. Reading a few reviews, can help you decide what you can live with. The pillow being too flat is one thing, but having to quarantine all your clothes after staying at the wrong hotel one night stay could turn into a disaster.  I use it almost every day when I am travelling. Sometimes I don’t have time to read all the reviews, so I read the bad ones, just to see how bad they really are. 



I found out about this app after I came back from my last trip, but it would have been awesome to know about it before hand. The best way for me to explain it, is like Tinder for travelers. It is not a dating site, but it lets you know about the people that are travelling in the same area. You can exchange travel trips and meet up with other travelers. There is also an option to load your itinerary and get advice from other travelers that have been there before you leave to go on your trip. 

I hope these help you with your next adventure. I would love to know what apps you use when you go travelling.  

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