Surviving a Juice Cleanse

It is getting to be that time of year. After a season filled with tasty treats, it is time to cut back and start fresh.I have done my share of “cleanses”. My mom, when we were growing up, would recommend seasonal cleanses to clean out our digestive systems. She usually forces us to do whichever one Dr.Oz’s is hyping, but I usually cheat. I remember one year, I thought I could wash down my cleanse, by pairing it with Green Tea Arizona drinks; I figured it is close enough having tea, and this was supposed to be permitted on my cleanse. This was obviously a mistake because those Arizona Ice Teas have almost 30 grams of sugar per giant can. Not only did I fail to ride my body of any toxins, but I was all jittery and completely hyped up on sugar. 
I did my first juice cleanse last year. I was feeling sluggish and I thought it would be nice to have a fresh start and feel more energized. I purchase a three-day cleanse, I thought that it was probably all that I would be able to handle. Five days felt like too long. I want to be clear, for anyone who is thinking of doing a juice cleanse to lose weight, this won’t help you. You will weigh less but only because your stomach is empty. The minute you start eating, you will probably go right back to your original weight. 

The three day cleanse from Leafy box consists of: Essential Greens, ABC, Funky Mint, Spicy Greens and Almond Milk. I enjoyed all the drinks except for the Almond Milk, which was way too sweet. I loved the Funky Mint drink, I actually think about it all the time and crave it. My first day was the worst day. My head felt foggy and I wasn’t able to concentrate. I couldn’t stop thinking about food and than my girlfriends came over with snacks and all I had was my tasty Essential Greens to swish around in my mouth.It was torture. 

The second day, I felt good. Ready to go and actually excited to drink my juices. I found it hard to down them, but I think I was just trying to savour the experience. I couldn’t believe how much free time I had now that I didn’t have to prepare any of my own meals. Now I know how celebrities on meals plans feel, must be nice! 
The third day, my head was so clear, I felt so healthy and light. It was this weird zen feeling. It may have just been the hunger taking over and convincing me I was in a calm state! The afternoon, I did start to waiver and I feel so bad about it, I caved and had some organic vegetable broth. I regretted it, only because I know that I could of held out and I was on my last day. The cleanse does offer broth, or cucumber slices as an option if you are feeling light headed or like you need to eat something different. 

If you are thinking of doing a juice cleanse I would highly recommend:
  1. Not leaving any tempting items in your home that will throw you off track
  2. Pick a good time of year, where you know you aren’t going to be stressed
  3. Don’t do it on a weekend. I guess this depends on your job, but it was nice to be at work and not focus on hunger. I am too busy working to think about what I want to eat and I feel obligated to eat what I brought to work
  4. Don’t even think about letting people eat around you. I know this seems impossible but do everything in your power to avoid delicious food smells
  5. Have a game plan for when you start eating again. Being prepared with healthy foods for when you resume eating solids it a good way to still feel good after the cleanse is over
Juice cleanses aren’t for everyone, but I do highly recommend trying it. I felt energized, clear minded and healthier after I completed mine. It also helped jump start my healthy eating habits. After I completed my cleanse I wanted to eat more vegetables and I started to crave healthier foods. For weeks all I could think about was the Spicy Greens drink. Leafy Box does deliver, it may just be something I look into. An addiction to cold pressed juices is a lesser evil than most addictions. Hope my experience and advice helps you survive the trying times of a liquid diet. Good luck! 


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