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    Yearly Roundup & Goal Setting for 2022

    I am sharing all my wins and lessons from 2021. And for 2022 the goals that I set and my new years resolutions. 2021 Roundup What a year 2021 it has been. I have mixed emotions, the year felt endless, yet gone in a flash! In 2020 I tried something different and I put together a list of some of my favorite personal development tools. Mostly because I was disappointed at the lack of “goals” I actually achieved. If I had to choose a word to describe 2020, it would be restorative. It was time to slow down, do less, and learn to nest at home. How Far I Have…

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    Goal Setting for 2020

    What a year! I would like to say that 2019 was rough, but it has really been a transformative year. It was a struggle but I have come out of it stronger and I continue to learn and grow from all my experiences. I really wanted to take the time to celebrate my wins of 2019, my tough life lessons and what I need to take into account for the following year. 2019 Recap I was a little bit worried when I went to read over my goals from last year, but I was pleasantly surprised. As I look back on 2019, it may have felt traumatic but I was…