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    My Ultimate Travel Bucket List

    50 of the top places and experiences I have on my travel bucket list It has been a while since I put together a post and I thought why not start with something light and inspirational. The initial reason that I started my blog was because I would often get travel questions from friends. I used to just share notes from my phone, but I thought if my friends were interested, my travel tips could appeal to a wider audience as well. I get so hyped when someone goes and visits somewhere I suggested and falls in love with it. I tend to be a planner, so I used to…

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    Jamaica – Port Antonio

    It is very rare that someone will guess my ethnicity correctly, but if you are new here, my mom is Jamaican and my dad is Canadian. Jamaica has been the location of many family vacations and even though my mom would rather go anywhere else, my dad manages to convince her to go back every four to five years. When people ask me about Jamaica, I am very transparent with them. Jamaica is beautiful, the food is amazing and the people are very friendly, however from the Westcoast the flight is pretty long and for a beach vacation there are places that are way easier to get to. Full disclosure:…

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    Travel Guide for Honolulu

    Hawaii has been filling up my Instagram feed for the last few months. The amazing wildlife, clear blue water and lush mountain ranges, all spoke to me. We finally decided to book a trip in February and I immediately started reading articles and blog posts to find the best spots to visit. Hawaii is unlike any tropical destination that I have ever been to, mainly because it is American. You can get all your creature comforts, Costco, Walmart, Sephora, Urban Outfitters, basically every major retailer you would need. The one thing that makes Hawaii different is the ABC Stores, which are essentially 7-11s with souvenirs thrown into the mix. What…