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The Mid-Twenties – Getting Through That Awkward Stage

I have seen the same someecard countless time that says:

“I’m at that awkward stage where half my friends are having babies and the other half are too drunk to find their phones”

This is, in a nutshell, how I feel about my mid to late twenties. Heading to the bar is not as comforting as it used to be and hanging out with children is another outing,I could probably do without. Finding a place in your mid-twenties is harder, because you’re less willing to put up with people’s none-sense and your time is valuable. 

Being on the Same Page

I felt lost when I first turned 24. Majority of my friends, would only text me when they were going out on the weekends and I always grapple with my constant case of FOMO. It took me a few years to realize that there is always going to be another night out. I definitely felt I had out grown this life. I had two choices, I could either try to encourage my friends to do other things that I enjoy, or branch out and make new friends. In my case it was really a mix of both. It was a slow process, but I finally found the right balance. My friends began to get the point and understand my interests better. We found new ways to connect. The new friends I made, were easier to connect with because we shared more similar interests. I leave our hangouts feeling more fulfilled. 

Find Real Interests

Once high school and university ends, there is less of an avenue to meet new people. Work friends can be fun, but sometimes it is nice to have a circle outside of work. Finding like-minded people to vibe off of  or just share an interest was something I was craving when I reached my mid-twenties. Urban Rec teams, art classes, volunteer opportunities are all ways to meet people and hopefully form more meaningful connections.

New Kinds Of Fun

Do you know what is way cooler than going to the clubs? Inviting friends over for a potluck, or games night. Where it is not too loud and you are actual able to catch up on life events. I never understood why my parents always had dinner parties, but it is really much nicer than waiting in line, wearing next to nothing, dancing for a few hours and then slithering home with a greasy piece of pizza.  

Me Time is Just as Important

Spending time alone was something that I seldom did when I was younger. When I lived at home, I always had a sibling, parent or friend around. I rarely took time to myself. Now, I relish in my alone time. I need time to unwind. When I go home for a weekend, or my boyfriend stays at my apartment for too long, I get this itch to be in my own space, without anyone dictating my schedule. Blogging is something I always look forward to when I am alone; sometimes I will do household choirs or make a nice meal, and other times, when I am really exhausted, I empty my PVR and pin on Pinterest. 

The mid-twenties is hard, because there is always a part of you wondering what you expected your life to be at this point. I find myself comparing my life to that of my peers. It is hard managing the feeling of being left behind or caught between two extremes. As the numbers get higher, more serious questions come to light, is marriage the next step, are kids in my future and so on and so forth. I truly believe everyone is different, and what feels right to one person, is definitely not right for the next person. Taking the time to know your like and dislikes, is a great way to know what you want your future to look like. 

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