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Welcome to Portlandia

Portland is near and dear to my heart for a few reasons, no sales tax, food trucks everywhere and they love to re-purpose old buildings. I have a love for vaulted ceilings and exposed brick. Portland fits right into all my basic requirements of a good getaway spot. 

DO try to hit up as many happy hours as possible. Happy hour is so cheap in Portland, there is even a app that will show you all the Happy hour specials in the city. Why not eat like a senior and pay less for your meals on your vacation. There are so many good places. Once of my favorite happy hours was from Saucebox. I loved their brussel sprouts and they had lots of fun drink specials. 

DON’T waste your time lining up for Voodoo Donuts. I seriously would take a krispy kreme over Voodoo Donuts any day. Don’t believe the hype, the only thing this place is good for is a photo op. 

DO go to the movies. Portland is known for their “view and brew” theatres. They are usually craft breweries and that also serve food. All the theatres are in refurbished old churches and schools.  Definitely worth checking out. 

DON’T stay downtown. Unlike most cities, downtown Portland is not a major hub. The northwest of the east-side have nicer atmosphere and more things to do close by. 
DO try the beer, or better yet do a beer tasting bike tour. Portland is a cycle friendly city and it is honestly the best way to get around. I highly recommend seeing the city this way. 

Portland is an awesome city. If you haven’t visited yet, you should for sure check it out, especially if you love craft beers and coffee. It is pretty much hipsters’ birthplace. Maybe you will even spot Zooey Deschanel walking around.

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