What Does My Sweat Really Mean? Am I Out of Shape?

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The other day, I went to a spin class with a friend. When we got out of class, she told me that the last time we came she was so out of shape, but she barley sweat. She was surprised that this time, she felt her body was in better shape, however she sweat way more than usual. She asked me if this is a reflection of her fitness level. Personally, I can never leave spin without looking like I just got out of the shower, so excessive sweating is normal to me. However sweating is not necessarily an accurate gauge to determine how fit you may or may not be.

I took two Kinesiology classes in University, so I pretty much know what I am talking about…. No but serious, I listened in class and I do remember us discussing ways to test your fitness level and what it means when your body starts sweating. I also did a quick google search for a refresher. 

Sweating is your body’s way of regulating its temperature. The body releasing sweat to prevent your core temperature from getting to dangerous heat levels. If you are more physically fit, your body may sweat, sooner and more profusely; It will be more proficient in releasing heat. The amount of sweat your body releases is also contingent on the temperature of the environment you are in. For a hotter temperature your body will have to work harder and in turn sweat more to control the body’s temperature. 

The true test of your fitness level is the amount of time it takes for your body to recover. After completing a high intensity workout your body’s ability to return back to it’s resting heart rate is a good indication of how fit you are. A good way of testing this, is taking note of your heart rate (Beats per minute) during your exercise, then one minute after you finish your workout. There are lots of helpful charts and formulas to help you figure out your recovery rate online. It is also beneficial to know what range your heart rate should be in during a workout to have an effective workout without being damaging to your body. 

So remember, next time you see those memes that sweat is your fat crying, be happy that you left spin class looking like a wet dog. Sweat is not necessarily a bad thing. A good tip to remember is that after a high intensity workouts, be sure to properly hydrate and replenish your body of all the water it has lost. It is also very important to consider an electrolyte drink for more intense or lengthy workouts. 

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