What Does Your Egg Yolk Mean

Photo by: Justus Kindermann
My boyfriend and I have had a repetitive argument about eggs. A carton of organic free-range, grain-fed farm eggs usually costs around $7. For the run-of-the-mill Omega 3 mass produced egg carton it usually costs $4. It is quite a significant price difference. He refuses to splurge on the “fancy” eggs, and I scold him every time he comes home with the cheapest eggs he can find.

My mom did organic before organic was cool. She always instilled in us that any antibiotics or hormones that were in our food would effect our health as well. Buying organic can be pricey, but if it is something that I eat regularly, I try to make sure I buy organic. I eat eggs almost every day. It is my go to breakfast. My boyfriend eats three eggs every morning, so he should be even more concerned.  

It is very easy to deceiver the difference between a farm fresh egg and a caged egg from the grocery store. Everything from the egg shell to the egg yolk are a result of the diet and well being of the chicken. A thin egg shell usually symbolizes a lack of calcium in a chicken’s diet. This won’t necessarily affect the quality or taste of the egg, but this may mean that the chicken is lacking other essential nutrients. 

The yolks are another good indicator. All eggs contain the same amount of protein and fat, but the darker the yolk signifies other additional vitamins and nutrients that the egg may have. A caged chicken egg usually has a pale yellowish coloured yolk.  A free run, grain-fed, organic egg usually has a orange coloured yolk. The darker yolk is also supposed to be more flavorful than lighter yolks. If eggs are a huge part of your diet, I would seriously consider biting the bullet and investing in your health by buying some free range farm eggs. You won’t regret it. 

Remember the age old saying, you are what you eat! 

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