What is Bulletproof Coffee?

I am always just a little bit behind the times. I am not a huge coffee drinker, so I had no idea what a Bulletproof Coffee was when I saw it available at coffee shops around Vancouver. I had to do some research. Bulletproof coffee is coffee with grass-fed butter and MTC oil or coconut oil. David Asprey thought of the idea when he was hiking in Tibet, he had originally used yak butter in the recipe.

Bulletproof Coffee is supposed to help you feel energized, increase brain performance and detoxify your body. The fat in the butter and oil acts an an appetite suppressant, which in turn should help promote weight loss. 

Even after reading all this, I am not sure I will be lining up for a Bulletproof Coffee. Online there is quite a debate as to whether or not any of these claims are valid, because there is no scientific evidence to support Asprey’s theory. In my Crossfit days, I learned about the Paleo diet, which suggests pairing protein and healthy fats in every meal. Fats do keeps your body feeling full longer. I think you could probably get similar results to Bulletproof coffee by having a small serving of coconut butter every morning. Dr. Oz has discussed the benefit of doing this on his show. Bulletproof coffee is also said to only be effective if high quality ingredients are used, so you are paying a premium for this “upgraded” cup of joe. Bulletproof coffee may be just a cleaver case of successful marketing. 

So if you were wondering, I hope this clears up what Bulletproof coffee is. 

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